My Vision of 21st Century Health Care

Our Featured Topic: Envisioning the Future of Health Care
Our Featured Topic: Envisioning the Future of Health Care

The following is my vision of 21st century health care:

  • Universal Health care, paperwork free.
  • Babies are born in the natural way, either at home or in a natural setting at a Birthing Center. All babies are free of physical mutilation after birth (this includes penises, tails and ears) for appearance purposes. A team of health professionals are the first people the baby meets besides the parents. Upon birth a baby is evaluated by the health team. A health team consists of homeopathy, Chinese/acupuncture, Ayurvedic, psychic/astrologer, allopathic traditions and others. The child’s personal birth record and general life guide is created. All energy imprints, past life and aura information is charted and acted on accordingly. Knowing this birth information is extremely helpful as different people have natural immunity or susceptibility to illnesses. This would cut down or cut out vaccinations. Vaccinations and medications are last resort rather than first choice.
  • Health is stressed to parents from day one. The Birthing Center has parenting classes/shares available and necessary for all. Public school starts at age 2 with children attending school 2-3 times per week with one of the parents. Both parents attend an equal number of classes and share what they learned with the other. At this stage “school” is for the parents and children almost equally. This helps with the socialization of the child and assures that the child is ready to enter school. This is a time where observations can be made about learning types, thinking types, habits, hearing/eye issues, etc. Results are used to help with placement in school. Children are sometimes separated by learning type rather than age.
  • The health team is very important in the 2 year-K program. A health team is at every school. The health team teaches the health classes along with taking care of any medical needs for the school.
  • All different types of healing arts are studied from K-12. Health/food class and spiritual practice class are daily requirements from K-12. Spiritual practice class offers instruction in Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, etc. Music classes are available to all starting at 2 years. Foreign language classes for all K-12. Art and design classes are available to all K-12. A two-year college program is free and available to all, in whatever subject chosen. This can be used at any time during a person’s lifetime.
  • All food is organic because everyone knows the truth about the chemicals and their effects.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Free birth control.
  • Pay females a small amount per month to be free of having children, starting at the age of 12 until age 30.
  • Sex/spiritual education class starts at age 7.
  • One medical record follows whole life.
  • Hospital, Elder care, Infant/Child Care internships for all between ages 13-18.
  • On-the-job work training for all ages 15-18.
  • Psychic development classes for all K-12.

My vision is well stated by Prince in the song “7” when he sang, “The young so educated – they will never grow old.” I see this as reality in my lifetime. Welcome to Eva’s World.

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Eva Knudson
Eva Knudson is a seeker. Her purpose is to help integrate natural health care, eco-friendly/organic everything, and kindness to all with present moment reality. Her main interests are reading, language/culture, nature and animals - especially dogs! Contact Eva at 612.978.3493 or at [email protected].


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