New Rules for Living in These Changing Times

Listen and follow your intuition.
Listen and follow your intuition.

We are now solidly into the changes that have and will continue to rock our world. One of those changes is that we, as a species, are very quickly being transformed into highly telepathic and intuitive beings. I am told this is a rapid and irreversible occurrence. And, if we thought we were intuitive before, well, we “ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Those of us in the metaphysical community should be jumping up and down with delight about this. It is, after all, what we have talked about, written about and taught workshops about for years. But I, at least, am also realizing that this amping up is causing all sorts of dilemmas along with its gifts.

Like all change, it will take some time to adjust. An example in my life is that, while I get very clear and immediate messages, I don’t necessarily get detailed explanations along with them. My guides seem to believe that telling me something is enough. They don’t usually feel a need to explain why. Sometimes it feels like I am a little kid and my mom is saying, “Just do what I say and don’t question it.”

Here is an example. Some time ago, I had agreed to speak at an event held quite some distance away. I had made this commitment months before, but as the event approached I was told, in ever-increasing volume, not to go to the event. The day before it was scheduled, I was almost sick with anxiety. Do I break my word and disappoint the organizers and attendees? Or, do I disregard what is truly a strong and clear message of advice. I would have, perhaps, felt better if I would have heard, “if you go you will get in an accident. Or, even, “if you go it will not go well.” But, intuition usually doesn’t speak that way, at least for me. I just heard, “don’t go.” Then, it was up to me to decide what to do about it.

So, there I was, being asked to speak on the topic of intuition and being a teacher who tells her students to follow their intuition. Yet, I was tearing myself up inside because I just couldn’t do that and let people down.

Still, in the end, I decided to cancel my participation. The organizers weren’t happy, I felt horribly guilty, and I never received a bit of further “feedback” from my guides as to why I should not have gone.

Would I do the same thing again? Well, yes, I certainly hope so. I will never know if I would have died in a car accident, said something to someone they shouldn’t hear, or gotten ill. That is the thing with intuition. We don’t always get the stories that add explanation to our gut feelings, intuitive knowings or telepathic rumblings.

As a society, we will need to write a new rule book for life as telepaths. Maybe one of the rules will be: “If anyone gets an intuitive message, we all agree to support them on it without knowing why.”

Another rule might be, “We accept that some people will act in unusual ways and we won’t ask them to explain.”

Or even, “We understand that everyone knows what we are thinking and feeling at some level, so we will try not to get too upset or angry when in public.”

I don’t know what the new “rules” will be. All I know is that for us to get through these times, we are all going to need large doses of compassion and understanding.

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  1. Here is my perspective on your article.
    For being an intuitive, you were listening to your guides and you basically threw your own intuitive abilities out the window.
    Maybe you have become so dependent on your guides, that you are not choosing any longer, they are for you.
    They planted a seed of fear, concern or apprehension and anxiety blossomed.
    I have experienced guides coming forward before, but no longer listen them first, I listen to ME first.
    Anything any other presents to me is just a suggestion for me to look at more closely.
    If the rules are changing as you suggest, maybe listening to your guides less often would benefit you in ways you have not yet discovered.
    Do you really need your guides?
    Are you really intuitive or just well connected to those in spirit and they know how to manipulate you!!
    After reading your article, it sounds to me like they have you wrapped around they finger(s)!
    The new energy is not about depending on others to guide you down a path while you close your eyes and follow blindly.
    The new energy is not about rules at all!
    It is about the freedom to choose without looking to any other, but simply looking within your Self for your truth and clarity.
    Sounds like all you could see or feel was anxiety after they told you not to go.
    Nothing closes down an individuals intuitive energy quicker than anxiety associated with fear, concern or uncertainty.
    Maybe it is not about new rules, but rather a new approach towards your guides and whether you really need them as much as you believe you do, or listen to them as much as your have in the past.
    My suggestion to you, as it is for everyone.
    Maybe this is what they were encouraging all along and you just did not recognize their communication to not go on your trip, as a challenge for you to look within your own self for your own intuitive truth.

    You might as them if that was their way of challenging you to trust your Self, or their desire to manipulate your choice.
    But, before you ask them, make the statement to them, that all answers will flow to you ONLY from a place of absolute truth and honesty.
    If you are looking to create new rules, tell your guides from this moment forward you will only accept communication from them, that flows to you in absolute truth and honesty.
    I don’t like being played with and it sound like you don’t either.
    So YOU change of the rules of communication or live by theirs… is your choice!!

    Rick Schuster

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    I totally agree with what you have to say, “So, there I was, being asked to speak on the topic of intuition and being a teacher who tells her students to follow their intuition.”

    Sometimes it can be much more difficult to follow our own advice, and our own intuition. It’s so obvious when it’s somebody else’s life, somebody else’s commitments, it’s much easier from the outside looking in. When my intuition started really developing, I kept waiting for it to feel like magic, when it really feels like common sense when it comes.

    These are challenging times in front of us, and I face them with a bit of trepidation myself. Thank you for sharing your experience and reminding us to treat one another with compassion and understanding. We are all part of one another after all. We will all be given new opportunities to use our new abilities, and they should always be used with love.



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