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Our Featured Topic: Envisioning the Future of Health Care
Our Featured Topic: Envisioning the Future of Health Care

The following is my vision of future health care in the 21st century:

• As people become more aligned with self-awareness and their personal truths, the body’s signals of imbalance in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies as evidenced by pain, illness and dis-ease will be greatly reduced.

• There will be a collective willingness to openly discuss our emotional, mental and spiritual health without fear or shame in safe and loving relationships and places within the community.

• There would still be healers, doctors, shamans and counselors, but these and similar professions will be seen as facilitators. Clients will not come to seek a cure, which they view as outside of Self, but rather to collaborate with a facilitator who would provide loving support and sacred space for the client to move into wellness.

• Spiritual leaders, elders and mentors would be equally important to address the needs of the Soul in collaboration with those in the healing professions.

• As more people become congruent with the concept that we are creators of our reality through our thoughts and emotions, NOW becomes the point of power as we actively choose what we want our future bodies and minds to be like.

• As we begin to identify ourselves as Creators of our experiences, there will be a deepening of understanding why the Soul has chosen to participate in the experience of illness and dis-ease. The wisdom of the Soul will shed illumination on the healing journey.

• Exploration of quantum and scalar physics, ancient healing techniques, Eastern healing modalities and modern medicine will create multi-faceted treatment plans that will address illness and dis-ease from a variety of perspectives.

• The word “incurable” as a diagnosis will be banished from the medical community based on its ability to take away the client’s personal power, functioning much like a death sentence or a curse. Rather, the focus would be on empowering the client to reclaim their personal power and enter the healing process.

• Community resources would provide a wealth of programs in which members could participate in the care and healing of their bodies. Dietary information, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, massage and energy work, and other activities that bring the system into balance would be presented. Mental health and spiritual counselors would also be available at little or no charge.

• Health care would be accessible to all, with an emphasis on excellent preventative care programs without the extreme price tag to the consumer, operator or Mother Earth. Nobody would be denied.

• Life events and processes, such as childbirth, marriage, aging, puberty, and death, would be celebrated and honored by the community. This support would provide an outlet for open dialogue about physical and emotional changes and challenges, reduce stress, and ease the transition from one phase to the another.

• Little children would be taught how to love, honor and cherish their bodies, and we would model this behavior for them, as we love and honor ourselves.

It is time to shift the current paradigm. The future is now.



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