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monroeMichael Monroe…Live At The Cedar was an ambitious undertaking for me. I challenged myself to get everything right the first time, from performing all of the songs the way I wanted them to sound, to having a glitch-free night with a responsive crowd. I was pleased that I played with energy and enthusiasm and had lots of help with the rest! The crowd was awesome, Eric the sound man did a great job, Scott Malchow ran the recording gear flawlessly and contributed microphones and lots of other needed gear, Noah Hoen brought the extra special touch as guest artist on harmonica, and Deb Mueller, my partner in life made the whole event happen…along with all the fab volunteers and staff at the Cedar Cultural Center! I love creating in my North Shore studio where I can experiment and choose my best takes for a finished recording, but there is an alchemy that happens with the music and an audience in live performance that is challenging to capture on a CD. To my ears, Live At The Cedar does it! This recording shows off the beautiful sound of my Seaton Guitars, the effectiveness of my live looping technique, and the maturity and depth of my ten-album voice…even if I do say so myself!”

– Michael Monroe, singer/songwriter/musician,

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