“The Third Voice” – The Voice of the Soul

“During the dark night of the soul, bright flows the river of God” – Saint John of the Cross

On June 10th, 1993, Taylor Jon Garin was born weighing just over a pound. I was 23 weeks pregnant. He was not expected to live. During the last few hours of premature labor, a nurse walked into our hospital room and asked us what name we wanted on the death certificate. They were preparing for his death, even though he was yet to be born.

We didn’t know the sex of this unborn child while we were happily designing the nursery. We decided the baby would be named Taylor, whether it was a girl or boy. I refused to give the nurse a name for the death certificate as I was in complete denial that this baby was meant to die.

I flashed back to a memory of looking into a mirror the day I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t decide what to do. The timing could not have been worse. I was a single mother of an 11-year-old daughter, and Chris and I had only been dating for six months. I heard my “Third Voice,” the voice of my soul, say “You will have this child. It is your destiny.”

We spent six agonizing months in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit as Taylor fought for his life. He had multiple life-threatening illnesses and life-saving surgeries. On several occasions we were told he would most likely die. After six of the longest months of my life, we returned home with a perfectly healthy baby boy. We were overjoyed with gratitude for the miracle of Taylor’s life.

Three weeks later, four days before Christmas, we raced back to Children’s hospital. Twenty-four hours later, we were told Taylor had developed a rare strain of bacterial meningitis and would probably not survive. We were devastated. My faith and hope in miracles died. I was completely deaf to my “Third Voice.”

During some of the most devastating and life-threatening experiences, when I could not hear my “Third Voice,” it spoke through those I loved, especially my husband and my daughter, Lisha. They could hear their “Third Voice” and it guided them to trust the “Divine Plan.” They could reach through the darkness of my despair and share their own divine interpretation of the events. Sometimes, when we cannot hear the voice of our soul, it will speak through the voice of someone we love.

Although I tried to silence the guidance of my “Third Voice,” it was relentless. It finally reached me and spoke to me of “Divine Destiny.” It guided me to trust that some Divine Power had orchestrated this entire event for the highest soul path of everyone in my life. It guided me to understand that my “angel boy,” whose life was a gift, was a wise and powerful soul, and would be one of the greatest teachers in my life.

Taylor is now 16 years old. His life has not been easy. He has almost died on more occasions than I care to count. He is blind, non-verbal, in a wheelchair and has a list of medical diagnosis that most people cannot pronounce. His life IS a miracle, and although my dreams of having a “normal” child were shattered, I have been blessed with the most amazing, loving and beautiful soul any parent could hope for. Taylor may not be able to tell us about his “Third Voice,” but his Spiritual Nature IS a “Third Voice.”

If it were not for my spiritual belief system, and the powerful connection to the voice of my soul, I’m not sure I would have survived the challenges of raising such a special child. The power of the “Third Voice” will penetrate our darkest challenges, even if we aren’t listening. Imagine what it can do when we ARE listening – when we are prepared to let it guide us consciously. It will always speak to us of hope. It will tell us the reason for every event in our life. It will guide us to the tools we need to overcome challenges. It will lead us through the darkest night of the soul. It is our constant companion because it is the voice of the soul.

When we choose to listen, it will lift us out of the ashes of despair and lead us to our greatest awakening. Everyone has a “Third Voice.” It is the voice that guides us out of the destruction of addiction. It is the voice that leads us through the most painful experiences of our life. It is the voice that shows us how to manifest our dreams.

Learning to listen to the “Third Voice” is one of the most important commitments we can make to our soul. It IS the translator for all of the Divine Wisdom of the Universe. It knows everything we need to heal, and to grow. If there is one thing we should learn in this life, it is to align with the voice of our soul. It will lead us out of the darkness and into the light.

There is a restless stirring in most advanced souls. We are no longer satisfied with meaningless jobs and unfulfilling relationships. Our “Third Voice” demands we listen so it can guide us out of complacency to our ultimate destiny. If we choose to turn away, it creates an energy of conflict to force change.

Sometimes we will seek psychics, astrologers or a number of external sources who supposedly tell us our destiny. I believe some individuals are blessed with a gift to help guide us onto our path, but seeking too much outside guidance damages our own personal intuition. Like any other skill, we must devote time, energy and discipline to developing a relationship with our Third Voice if we want to yield the highest wisdom. True authentic yoga, various positive divination tools, meditation, journaling, and several diverse activities, can help us connect with our Third Voice.

As we are bombarded with technological noise, we are rendered deaf to our Third Voice. We must detach from the distractions of technology and the addiction to seeking answers outside ourselves. Seeking outside help occasionally is OK, but relying on someone else to speak for our soul weakens our ability to hear our own Third Voice.

I have been doing intuitive work for 25 years. Sometimes my Third Voice is destined to guide someone on their soul path. However, I believe the greatest wisdom dwells within each person, and no one truly needs an interpreter to find it.

It is my mission to guide people to communicate with their own Third Voice. “Keyology” – Key to Life Center’s philosophy – is rooted in unlocking inner wisdom. “Soul of an Addict” is a spiritual recovery project devoted to helping addicts connect with their Third Voice. Everything I do is based on the belief that each one of us has access to the greatest wisdom in the Universe. The “Third Voice” IS the access. It has one purpose: to guide us through our greatest challenges and onto the path of our greatest destiny.


  1. Lenni,

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    You have a unique ability to write in a way that draws me into the precise moment you are sharing so deeply I can feel the raw emotion of it.

    Then you catapult me in to the joy, blessing and possibility of it all.

    Thank you for the enlightening experience.


  2. Lenni,

    Truly touching. A reminder to listen to the most important voice in my life and to never remain complacent. Thank you for openness and selflessness. Love you!


  3. There is a restless stirring in most advanced souls. I do not know how advanced by soul is but there is a “restless stirring” within me that cries out for a transition. I do not know where it will lead, but after reading this article I am no longer afraid of this “restless stirring”. Today I will take some time to listen to this voice, which I have struggled to quiet…………………


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