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The following are personal perspectives on the creation of new books and music in the Twin Cities:

Matt Karayan
The Way Home – Stories from the Master” – available at www.karayanpublishing.com
“The single greatest lesson for awakening is that I had to go through all kinds of so-called tasks, battles, trials, and conflicts, until I saw each and every one of them as opportunities for peace of mind when I was ready to see them that way. When I was ready, the lesson / opportunity appeared as a question that asked from within, ‘Are you ready?’ My response without thinking was, ‘Yes.’ This overwhelming experience of peace has been a one-minded focus that has inspired me to journal, write books, be involved in facilitating individual, couples, group counseling and speaking engagements.”

Michelle Glaser

…And the Piano Fell in Love – available at: Cheapo Applause, The Electric Fetus, Eclipse Records, Treehouse Records and Roadrunner Records, and online at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, lala and Rhapsody.
“When I perform my songs, I truly believe that this gift from God, this energy coming through my hands, is channeled from the Universe. It helps heal me emotionally and spiritually and at the same time (from what I’m being told) heals those listening to it. Music is how I meditate and lose myself in the passion of the sound. The songs on my album tell a love story. It’s about learning to love myself and then, in turn, being ready to fall in love with someone else. When I’m in the flow playing on the piano, I connect with all that is and I start to smell the scent of flowers around me. In my journey, this album is a confirmation that miracles do happen.”

Troy Parkinson
Bridge to the Afterlife: A Medium’s Message of Hope and Healing – available at bookstores everywhere
“As a medium, I’ve shared numerous messages from the other side about how powerful our souls are and how we each have a unique and beautiful purpose in this world. Oftentimes we may see that in others but have a hard time seeing that in ourselves. When I wrote Bridge to the Afterlife: A Medium’s Message of Hope and Healing, I stepped into that place of allowing and the message from my soul flowed through. In doing so, I believe my soul wanted to share with humanity that our spirits do live on and that there is no such thing as death. Also, the book reminds people that spirit communication and intuition is an ability we all have. It’s just a muscle that needs to be exercised. When we all embrace the spirit within and allow our gifts to be shared with the world, we elevate the collective consciousness and humanity takes a quantum leap.”

Cyndi Dale
The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy – available at bookstores everywhere
“I believe that all healers are energy healers – even allopathic physicians. That’s because everything is made of energy– surgical tools, prescription medications, and of course, the “invisible” parts of the human energetic anatomy, the energy channels, centers, and fields. However, subtle energies are more powerful than the physical in that the subtle systems underlie and determine the physical. As an intuitive healer, I always help clients work on the subtle level as I know that true change starts – and ends – in the fast-moving spiritual self, represented by the energetic anatomy. I’ve seen clients clear serious physical conditions, emotional problems, negative beliefs, and even financial disasters by shifting first energetically and then altering their behavior. No matter someone’s healing background– holistic, allopathic, or simply ‘lay,’ I suggest drawing on the knowledge of the energetic systems to do healing where it really counts. Of course, I recommend applying the energetic as an adjunct to allopathic in serious or chronic situations. All brands of medicine are unique and important and allopathic is necessary as a ‘first place’ treatment for many conditions.”

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