Creation Castle: Chickens and Abe Lincoln Welcome!


    I’ve always been a believer in visualization. Most days, I make the time to sit in silence and envision what I’d like to create for myself. The list usually goes something like: a successful writing career, perfect health, hairball-free cats, and kids that adore household chores. I absolutely see steps in a positive direction for the first two, and if you have any special manifestation techniques on the last two, I’d pay good money to hear them.

    I’ve started affirming the good as it appears to me throughout the day. I know that this is a sure-fire method for creating gratitude and thus allowing space for more delicious goodness to rush into my life. A friend of mine suggested that I even celebrate the “closeness of the match.” For example, if I visualize monetary prosperity and find a penny on the sidewalk, I don’t dare disregard our 16th president! I enjoy the gift of the copper coin that wasn’t previously in my pocket.

    Sometimes, however, I wonder about the whole “closeness of the match” concept. The other day I’d been thinking about my desire to incorporate more exercise in my daily routine. Later that afternoon, my hobby farm friend’s chickens chased me down her driveway. Should I be celebrating the match of the chicken-led cardio workout? I suppose I should. Forget Tony Little’s Gazelle! Bring on the Chicken Run!

    Another technique my friend recommended is using the phrase, “I’m in the process of….” This is helpful when you just can’t be in that happy place right at that exact moment, but want to stay positive and assure yourself that you’ll be there soon. It’s like hanging a “Back at 2:00” sign on the door to your Creation Castle. I recently used this one when I felt impatient with a friend. I affirmed, “I am in the process of feeling patient.” I did feel better and soon I did feel patient. Creation Castle back in business!

    I was thinking about my bounty of daily opportunities for using this phrase:

    • I am in the process of…cleaning my van so it looks more like a comfy carpool carrier and less like the inside of a full vacuum cleaner bag.
    • I am in the process of…embracing the neighbor dog’s personal contribution of organic fertilizer my front lawn.
    • I am in the process of…jubilating in my son’s quirky habit of liking a certain food one day, shunning it the next day, and then devouring it the following day.

    The power of our thoughts is magical. We think and we create – sometimes more quickly than we had imagined! So, amid the daily flurry of life, somewhere between the kids, cats and housework, I will continue to positively visualize. I will fling open the door of my Creation Castle, celebrate the “closeness of the match,” even when it involves sprinting poultry. And one day my van will be clean, but for now I am in the process of embracing hairballs.

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    Angie Bailey
    Angie Bailey writes humorous essays and musings about cats, family, and glimpses into the quirky, delicious, and oftentimes thought-provoking experiences of life.


    1. I reallllllllllllly needed to read this today.

      The part that really caught my eye was about the neighbors dog fertilizing (my) your front yard. Oh how I can relate!

      I have to constantly remind myself that even though things could be better with that particular neighbor situation, it could (and has been in the past) SIGNIFICANTLY worse.

      So I’ll take the dog fertilizer and be glad that is all it is.

    2. I am in the process off coming to terms with the 897,645 plastic items on my boys’ floors.


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