Forecast for June 2009


Aries: This is the month to enjoy your social connections. Spend time outdoors combining your competitive energy and activities with your friends. Minor irritations with health are possible. Watch out for sprains and inflammations.

A quiet month with more time for contemplation and rest is in store for you. Yoga, meditation, writing, walking or other relaxing and repetitive activities open the door to your inner self. Avoid comparing yourself to others right now, it can only create unhappiness.

Gemini: This is a great time for new beginnings of all kinds. New people, maybe that new job, a short trip somewhere new, all of these are good. Take risks, follow your instincts and enjoy your social life right now.

Cancer: Finances are front and center stage in your life right now. Take those necessary steps to create some security for yourself. The stars are in alignment to help you earn more and save more.

Leo: Brothers and sisters, neighbors and cousins play an important role in your life this month. Learn what you can from them and offer your leadership when necessary. Avoid power struggles and you will come out ahead.

Virgo: Home and family need a lot of your time and tender loving care. Take care of the place you live and the people in your family and you will find deep satisfaction. This is a particularly good month for growing flowers and plants of all kinds.

Libra: Your children, be they your pets, or nephews and nieces, play an important role in your month. Enjoy being creative, socializing and spending extra time with these important people.

Scorpio: Work, both your job and other responsibilities, take a lot of time and attention this month. Endless details crowd your life. Focus on daily routines and predictable scheduling to keep things in order.

You and your love have many wonderful times enjoying each other and entertaining at home. If you are single, this is a good time to meet new people, that special someone could be close by.

Capricorn: Delays and frustrations bother you in business and finance. In good time things will work in your favor, but it pays to be patient right now. Much happens behind the scenes now, but understanding follows.

Aquarius: Short and long trips are in your immediate future. Life is good right now, with opportunity and growth in the immediate future. Friends make things even better. Your health is particularly good.

Pisces: Career goals are in high focus. That promotion or accolade is a strong possibility. Keep working toward your goals and you will find success. Family members may rely on your help.

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