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Dear Editor,

I have been having much trouble with chemical poisoning of the yards where I live, over the last 15 years. I currently live in a condominium where they spray chemicals to make the weeds die. As many people are aware of this is detrimental to our animals, selves and the whole system. I have already tried to be on the association to educate them on the effects of the toxins, no one wants to hear it, they are afraid to upset “the way it has always been.”

Last year I physically went out to stop the lawn workers from poisoning an area around my door ( I have two healthy dogs).  Then I personally picked all the dandelions that grew in that area. That is really all they are spraying for. It’s unbelievable, when dandelion greens cost at least $2.99 a bunch in the store and everyone is worried about money, we could be selling or eating them, rather than spending thousands of dollars per year to kill them, and in the process kill everything else, too! And then spend outrageous amounts of money at the doctors and vets finding out why we or the dogs are sick, when we are doing it to ourselves! That is a real series of unfortunate events.

Now the association switched lawn companies, and I have to go through it all again. I have called the “city,” the “county” and the “State.” I am asking whether anyone knows how citizens can stop this at their home level. I know that chemical use is illegal in different parts of the country. Please send me your ideas.
– Eva Knudson, Woodbury, MN, [email protected]

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