Okay, I’ve considered the lilies of the field
And what they yield
And I have found that they emerge from their own inherent inclination
With no supplication
To any god or man
And from where I stand
It all emerges and is inherent from within
Out of Nothing
And after really checking
And then after asking, the ten thousand things, themselves
They have all said, “There is Nothing Else”…..
What I have been lead to believe
Is not in the trees
Not in the grass
Not in the breeze
What is, and how it is,
Is necessary…if not, it wouldn’t exist
No one made this
And as far as consciousness
It operates the matrix that it created; a construct
That which is primary, is Awareness
Sensitivity, connection, inherent direction
When I stare into inner space I see no face
When I look into outer space I see no place
Empty, partially filled, mapping itself out…refined and skilled
So you can believe whatever you like to
But don’t include me in what you think is true
So….become enlightened and ascend
And leave me down here with my friends
Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, Water, and Wind
I was up there before, and now “I’m Fallen”
It was my choice…I heard the voice of silence calling
And saw in plain sight that the Infinite was within the finite…in-finite
The space that I was hearing was within
As far as I’m concerned that was the original sin….not listening;
Not trusting ourselves and speaking out asking “What the hell are they saying?”
So I’ve moved beyond fear, supplication, wishing, hoping, and praying
To knowing…..Nothing
And listening to my origin from within……

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Hanakia Zedek
Hanakia Zedek is a Spiritual Leader in Twin Cities specializing in The Philosophy of Nothing. Known for his cutting edge application of the Psycho~Spiritual Arts; he shows how all that is and is not emerges from within. Contact him at 612.205.7337, email [email protected] or visit: www.hanakiazedek.org, www.emissaryarts.com or www.hanakia.multiply.com.


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