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I find it hard to believe that two decades have passed since I first read Seth Speaks, the channeled work of Jane Roberts, and since I read Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn. It’s been more than one decade since I first heard Lee Carroll, channel for Kryon, live in an Indianapolis event. I read and listened to a lot of channeled work back then, a younger me who buoyed his natural optimism with confirmations that there is more to our three-dimensional form than we can possibly imagine, and that the meaning of life was intertwined with a collective experiment to escape the grand illusion, consciously.

Those were good times, friends of like mind embracing a juxtaposition of laughter and serious inquiry. We delved into books with such intensity, and we spent hours reading them to each other and discussing what they seemed to mean. We went to all of the psychic fairs, and we challenged each other to find powerful stones at gem shows.

We hit the road to Arkansas with digging tools and floppy hats, suntan lotion and plastic buckets, to find crystals in the dirt. One spring, my mom and I joined a dozen others just north of Hot Springs, where we envisioned Native Americans on an altered plane holding their own ceremonies on this natural bed of quartz. We drummed and chanted, and we learned of healing and ways to open our hearts.

And we kept on wondering how much closer we were to figuring everything out.

Forrest Gump ran across America. And one day, after touching the hearts of millions and inspiring them to follow him down the road, he stopped. It made no sense to his devotees, but it was the only choice in the moment. He woke up. It was as if he took his first breath.

I feel like I have been running a long time to find answers, to understand why things are the way they are, to learn the truth. I feel like I have been chasing the dream up, down and around the block, with journeys from here to the Central Sun and all points in between, only to realize that I’m no further ahead than the day I began.

I have come to realize that the chase was never what it was all about. It’s about stopping – and being.

It’s about stepping outside with bare feet and embracing the earth’s soft cushion, grass between my toes. It’s about throwing the story out the window and just looking into the eyes of my loved ones and seeing them for kind beings that they are, in want of nothing other than my shared love. It’s about getting beyond the emotional triggers, temptations and infinite distractions and choosing not to play the game. It’s about knowing that there is nowhere to run, and nothing to chase.

It’s about participating in life, with others – and with passion.

In an interview some time ago, scientist and spiritual visionary Gregg Braden told me that the greatest learning takes place in relationship, because our partners are a mirror for us. They give us an incredible  opportunity to see who we truly are.

My experience is that I don’t always want to look at that mirror – and that has been my greatest lesson. When I do look, I can see when my ego is in control. And sometimes catch a glimpse of beauty that is reflected back to me, something I have a hard time accepting.

That learning eclipses anything I have ever read in a book. And that is why, if asked, I will encourage you to just stop – and be. And look at yourself in the mirror of the world around you.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. Tim,

    I love this article. It is a true testament to the new way of online communication…share from the heart. I am sure if we were to discuss the professional printed word vs the blogosphere, there would be vast discrepancy from the masses about which is better… I think that both have their merits and this article brings into focus one of the pieces that I think is very charming about the blogosphere – personal story.

    I think as your online presence develops and the magazine starts to gain an international interest, you will find that your magazine is a gem around the world. This magazine has been a big part of my life here in the Twin Cities and I am so grateful to you and your staff for keeping it going.

  2. “It’s about participating in life, with others – and with passion.” A great line, and one that I’m finding the truth to as each year passes. It takes time to really connect to people, but it’s well worth the effort. We share an energy with each other when we do, and that energy connects us to the Source of all energy as well.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective and what you’ve learned along the way. Stopping not only to smell the roses, but to share them with others, that’s the road I want to be on!


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