Predictions for the Years Ahead!

    Most of what I observe is that human beings only know what is and has been, according to what each is willing to believe and has been taught – even if each does not fully understand it. What many individuals are sharing is what each believes can and will be happening leading up to and after December 21, 2012.

    Is it their truth, or another’s truth? Where do these ideas come from? How connected to the universe is each person? Are there different levels and degrees of intuitive connectedness? Is each individual’s understanding accurate or inaccurate speculation and tidbits of what might be possible? Whom do you believe? What do you believe?

    I suggest you don’t believe anything another person says, including me – especially when none of it can be confirmed! Speculation based on one’s level of conscious connectedness is still only a possibility not yet realized to be true.

    In reference to the next five years, I am not fearful or concerned about anything that may or will take place.

    In times of confusion, chaos and uncertainty all kinds of changes take place. I believe this is what is taking place here on Earth and in the heavens now, in this moment. When the old gives way to the new, the transition is not always fun; often it can be very difficult and challenging. I believe the old is and will continue to lose its grip on humanity and this universe as it gives way to the new. The new will continue to emerge, both around each of us and within each of us. No one can run from it, no one can hide from it, no one can stop it and no one is capable of fully understanding it.

    So what will this mean for humanity as a whole? That has yet to be revealed or experienced. I am not concerned with what takes place as the old loses its grip on this universe. I simply look forward to observing what will emerge in the next five years and continue into 2013 and beyond. I actually believe the next nine years will be a critical period of change. There is something intricately more complex than any one of us in this moment can even begin to comprehend. What do I know for sure? Nothing I can prove. But, through my conscious connectedness, I am “aware” that the following will prove to be true in a future moment; for you it is just a possibility.

    1. The energies that control the lives of many human beings, through diseases and illnesses like cancer, depression, muscular degeneration, mental illness, etc., will gradually disappear forever. The advancements in medicine will be beneficial, but will not be the impetus behind the eventual elimination of all diseases and illness!

    2. The energies that encourage addictions and erratic unpredictable destructive behavior through the human body will continue to disappear until they are gone forever. The desire for war and one human being taking another human being’s life will end.

    3. The dark and light energies associated with good and bad and right and wrong that have opposed each other and held the human experience captive will continue to disappear, leaving each of us with a greater freedom to choose, and experience peace within.

    4. Human religions and worshiping any other, including the many gods and the so-called one true one, will come to an end. Turning to those in the spirit world to tell us their truth will come to an end. Our dependence on the spirit world will come to an end. The spirit world will eventually go silent. Why? Human beings won’t “need” them any longer, because the dependency and obligation experience with each other will come to an end.

    5. The human body is the new “Spirit Body” of the future. The human body will continue to evolve. The human body has only evolved to about 34 percent of what it is capable of being, which means in the future, death will no longer be an experience that chooses for us when our life ends. We will choose when our human experience will end. Plus, the energies that encourage aging and death will no longer be present on Earth.

    6. Eventually the lines and boundaries, both seen and unseen, that separate cities, states, countries, humanity and the spirit world will all disappear. The need and desire to hold onto past traditions, ceremonies, languages and anything associated with pre-2013 experiences eventually dissolve and disappear within us and the larger universe. The premise that we are all one will become our reality we live in each moment, not just a concept to believe is true.

    7. Those in the spirit world will eventually be born or manifest human bodies so they can participate with us in their new evolved human body. Edgar Cayce wrote that those who have died will return to live again. There are planets that await this huge population of human beings. Planet Earth will be the birth Mother planet, and it already holds an energy connection to 18 other planets that await our arrival. Travel to these other planets will be through portals that will, when the time is appropriate, be opened to us. Travel to these distant planets will be almost instantaneous.

    8. The old universal energy was dominated by the “energy” of the experience. The new universal energy will be dominated by the “energy” of the relationship. The Experience of Self gives way to the Relationship with Self – and this moves us away from a limited awareness of the universe around each of us to an unlimited awareness of the universe within each of us! The key to the new universe and the associated doorway can only be opened from within and cannot be opened for you by any other!

    9. The Conscious Mind and the Conscious Heart will become One with the Consciously awakening Aware Self. This will signify the end of the Duality as we move into the Triality. The duality is pre-2013 and the Triality is post-2013. The duality holds two legs of consciousness and the Triality holds three legs of consciousness.

    10. This period of conscious awareness and clarity will be understood and welcomed by those who desire to stand in the new universal energy. Those who fight the changes will attempt to hold onto their old concepts, ideas and beliefs that God, prophets, angels, saints or any spiritual master can be more than any one of us. The evolutionary shift will continue until there will be no need to worship or pray to any other. The days of religions will then be over.

    11. This was all envisioned almost 100 billion Earth years ago, long before the human experience began. All aspects of the “Old” experience energy must dissolve and pass away so that all may move forward into the “New” relationship energy. This new universal and human period will come to be known as “Sountatra,” which means “Elegance Beyond Imagination.”

    There are many more concepts and ideas that will be revealed in a future moment as the universe moves forward. Living in the moment of now will not be a struggle, but an everyday eventuality. I invite you to allow these possibilities to stand in their own potential to manifest for us and within us. What you choose to believe and accept will only effect you! It is your choice!



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