Road Trip: Coming Home


The author and her dogs
The author and her dogs

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities my entire life. I’ve been looking for me since I can remember. Then in 2005, just before I turned 33, I snapped. The contraindications were too much. I remembered my promise to my friend. That if all was lost – and all was lost – that I would really do it. I would try to work with Prince to write some songs that could help put an end to some of the “shenanigans” here on earth, once and for all.

I promised to try to get to Prince because I believed he was part of the “Master Plan.” Since I was a child – I was 10 in 1982 – I trusted Prince because I felt the truth in his words. I believed that we could easily write some things to help make the Earthway Everyday!

In November 2005, I drove by myself to Las Vegas to try to talk to Prince. It didn’t work. I should have known. But it was an interesting trip. I am hopefully free of returning to Las Vegas again. I returned knowing I needed to try another way.

I’d been a “house flipper” from 1994-2005. I collected a lot of stuff. I sold the house. I realized that “house flipping” is a cheat and scam only benefitting “God knows who” in the end, and it is not Earth. One year later, I paid $250 to dump more than 2,000 pounds of stuff at the dump. I got rid of almost everything. I was mad. I guess you could say I was in a “spiritual crisis.” Well, at least I know the word for it now. So last summer I was down to almost no possessions. I had no job or purpose, except for my dog. Thank you, Fancy.

I decided to move to Colorado. We packed up our things and we went. On the internet, I found a job as an assistant manager at a trailer court. I moved into the trailer the day I got there. I worked two days, painting the inside of a trailer – and then knew that if this was going to be my life, I’d rather be at home. So I pulled an “Eva” and changed plans entirely.

I re-packed the car after working, and at 6 a.m. the next morning, Fancy and I were on the way home! We surprised everyone. They knew I’d be back anyway, I’m sure. The owner of the trailer court was shocked, but what could she say? So, in a week total, I moved to Colorado and back. I realized home is where I want to be. The Twin Cities is a hub of organic, metaphysical and social happenings. This is a great place to be, with many opportunities.

These trips have taught me a lot about patience, freedom, determination – and peace, knowing that home isn’t at that next city, house or place. But it could be. Home is peace. Home is wherever you are. They call it “making home.” They say everyone needs to “make home” now. I think that is what making home is.

When I started out, I thought I had to have control or at least a plan. But that’s the thing about “The Master Plan” – there isn’t one. It’s all about free will. It’s about changes. It’s about now. Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen when it happens. I live peacefully, healthily and happily. I am open to new possibilities and I live in the light. We all do.

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Eva Knudson
Eva Knudson is a seeker. Her purpose is to help integrate natural health care, eco-friendly/organic everything, and kindness to all with present moment reality. Her main interests are reading, language/culture, nature and animals - especially dogs! Contact Eva at 612.978.3493 or at [email protected].


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