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Bob Shaw’s piece in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (“New Age comes in many forms”) unfortunately was another example of how mainstream media trivializes and misrepresents the truth.

I received a phone call several weeks ago from this reporter who said he intended to report on The Edge magazine, on the fact that the publication is now under new ownership, on our goals. That was not what was done. Rather, the piece implied that I was some kind of New Age “gatekeeper” who takes it upon himself to determine what beliefs are acceptable and which ones are not.

The truth of the matter is that I am an editor of a publication that focuses upon soul, spirituality, metaphysics and integrative healing and does not even self-identify as a new age publication. In this age of incredible transformation and change, our publication is more interested in helping people reconnect with their souls and provide examples of how each of us is much more powerful than we believe and allow members of the community to share their spiritual journeys with each other.

Instead of spending time trying to determine how open my mind is toward specific beliefs, Bob Shaw could have spoken to me about how the New Age fits into everyday life in the 21st century, and in so doing he could have opened the minds of his readers, rather than trying to create a controversy that doesn’t even exist.

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  1. Below is a letter I sent to the St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding their above mentioned article, which in my view is one of the poorest ‘news’ articles I have ever read.

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing regards to the July 13th Pioneer Press article by Bob Shaw, titled “New Age comes in many forms,” and have got to say that it is perhaps one of the worst “news” articles I have read this year. Shame on the Pioneer Press for stooping to the level of the satiristic publication “The Onion” while projecting it as an actual news story. I love “The Onion,” but know it as humor, while assuming publications such as the Pioneer Press hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to accuracy in its reporting.

    I have known Tim Miejan for many years now as a coworker at The Edge and also as a friend, and can confidently say that the ideas expressed by Mr. Shaw regarding Tim’s outlook and goal for The Edge Magazine are highly inaccurate. Tim has never shown one bit of the bias towards any form of “new age” modality as Mr. Shaw would have us believe, especially when it comes to what is or is not published in The Edge Magazine. He has always shown and exhibited the hightest form of integrity in his duties as Editor of The Edge, which in truth reaches back for over ten years, despite Mr. Shaw’s claim that Tim has become the editor only this year.

    Without going off on a rant and picking apart Mr. Shaw’s article bit by bit, pointing out all of the inaccuracies and nuanced hyperbole, which are many, I’ll conclude that it is simply disappointing to have one of the Twin Cities purported leading newspapers allow such poor journalism/reporting to be published. A reader could almost feel compelled to believe that the Pioneer Press is not interested in integrity but rather sensationalism.

    In closing, it would be nice to hear the Pioneer Press write a retraction, or at the least an apology, to both Tim Miejan and The Edge Magazine. The Edge has been serving the “new age” community in the Twin Cities and beyond for well over a decade now, and is in my view one of the finest progressive thinking magazines in the nation. They certainly are worthy of more respect than that shown by this article, as any simple act of a web search could verify.

  2. It’s a shame that the PP had to twist things around so deeply, making us ALL look like fools and airheads. I know both Tim and Cathy to be nothing but highly intelligent, well-rounded, integrity-based and grounded professionals. Their work carrying on the Edge magazine will hopefully help shift the rest of the world’s view on “new age” and prove that we’re probably more normal than everyone else. Kudos to you both for standing in your truth!

  3. Of all the words that could be used to accurately describe journalist Tim Miejan, two that absolutely do not apply are elitist and exclusionary. Tim is possibly the most open-minded person I have ever had the pleasure to work with in the news business (mainstream or otherwise) and even as a publisher I am sure he would never presume to be the “gate keeper” for anyone or anything.

  4. Here is another perspective.

    If there is only one person who did not know The Edge existed, because of the article, is now reading The Edge…..then that one person has benefitted from the article.
    In a period of change and transformation, those whom do not understand, will demonstrate the do not understand.
    Situations like this short sighted PP article will come up again. When it does, you have a choice.
    It is like Bob Shaw’s article was the bait, that offered to all, who have the ability to have an issue with his article, to have an issue with it. Did he catch you?
    Was the issue for you what he said about Tim?
    Was the issue for you what he said about The Edge?
    Was the issue for you what he did not say about Tim?
    Was the issue for you what he did not say about The Edge?

    I see that Bob offered to all who read The Edge and view Tim Miejan in a positive light, the opportunity to be “Unconditionally Accepting” of what he wrote. He is only one person, with one perspective, with the opportunity to share his perspective with many who read his article.

    By reading Bob’s article and what it says, a person gives additional power to his article, that it would not have by it’s self or for you, if you did not read it.

    If a tree falls in the woods and you did not hear it and did not see it happen, would it make any difference to you?

    I did not read Bob’s article and do not intend too. I can feel in the energy of the few have responded here to Bob’s article, and the type of energy each is feeling and experiencing in the words written here in response.

    “I encourage all!!! Do not get caught up in the energy of the details that pull you into something you do not value. Look at everything from a bigger picture, as an observer if you can, without getting emotionally involved, learn from each opportunity another presents to you!!!”

    Look at the energy within YOU, when an article like Bob’s, challenges you to BE in a place of balance. Then determine……”Is This Energy Me”, or something that was projected at me, by the words of another?

    Who cares what Bob or any other writes, including me. This is not about any other, this is not about Bob, this is not about Tim…..this is about YOU! As human beings/doings we are the creators of issues for others, and others are the creators of issues you and me. It is a “game” some willingly play, and others begrudgingly play, and yet others refuse to play.

    Does anyone see or understand what I am suggesting here? It is a game you cannot win! But it can be a very consuming, exhausting and frustrating experience none the less. This game encourages separation. It is an old energy. It is an old game. It is the game and energy that drives competition, religion, politic, and so on that still continues to separate and divide human doing’s from being human beings!

    Just a few thoughts to consider!!

  5. I’m not sure exactly what you are saying they got wrong about your magazine. Was it that they called it a new age publication, and it isn’t? Or is it that he wrote that you exclude some subjects (channeling and paganism were mentioned), and you don’t?

    I’m interested in how you decide which subjects to include and which to exclude (if you do exclude any). Thanks.

  6. Everyone who reads The Edge magazine will have a different answer as to whether it is new age or not. It depends upon their interpretation of new age. Some will say it is new age, others will not. I publish a magazine that I prefer not to label. If I were to make any comment, it would be this:

    “Who We Truly Are: The Edge is not just a magazine or website, but a structure whereby souls whose feet now walk upon the Earth are able to express their sacred truths, with complete freedom, with utter integrity, to help remind us that we are much more than physical bodies and minds doing things and going places, that we are completely realized beings who are escaping the grasp of density and awakening to this grand opportunity to create in this present moment.”

    Any article that relates to what I have written above is quite suitable for our magazine. I do not spend time trying to identify everything that does not fit.

    Thank you for your interest. I invite you to read the content on our website and make your own conclusions as to what The Edge means to you.

    – Tim Miejan, editor and publisher of The Edge: Soul of the Cities


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