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If you’re of a certain age, you remember The Ed Sullivan Show, an old-style variety program with many kinds of performers. One frequent guest was a plate spinner. With furiously-paced music playing in the background, he set a number of plates to spinning atop spindly sticks, and then he had to run from plate to plate, giving them additional spins to keep them from crashing to the floor.

Unfortunately, the plate spinner is a perfect metaphor for the way many of us live our lives today. Running in body and mind from one thing to the next, we frantically attempt to keep all facets of our lives spinning and avoid a crash, even if we’re not quite convinced we need to have so many plates anyway. This kind of ongoing imbalance disrupts our peace of mind, our loving connections with others, and our good health. Eventually, in our exhaustion and confusion, we begin to wonder how we can bring balance and well-being back into our lives.

As a first step, says Stephen Lewis, co-founder of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness LLC (EMC2), remember that everything is energy, some of which has manifested as matter. Even that bit of matter with which we are most intimate – our own miraculous body – is energy that has taken form in consciousness. The energy that is us can easily fall out of its naturally perfect balance due to any number of things, many of which occur unconsciously or which we suppress.

Imagine that this infinite energy field is a building’s basement hidden from our perception. When imbalances occur there, they bubble up to the floors above to conscious awareness and disrupt our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. Whether they appear as a cold or cancer, or as chaos in our hearts, minds and souls, the imbalances originate in the energy matrix.

Lewis understood this many years ago. Long interested in self-healing, he studied homeopathy and acupuncture. But his abiding interest in quantum physics and many spiritual traditions led him to work with the energetic field, which some call Spirit. He saw how consciousness gives energy material form, and how we can affect that energy.

Out of his research came The AIM Program, a computer-based “spiritual technology” that delivers energetic frequencies to enable people to heal themselves (Lewis stresses that The AIM Program is a faith-based philosophy, not a medical program, and that neither he nor The AIM Program do the healing). Disruptions to our well-being are often the result of suppressing uncomfortable emotions, usually unconsciously, which tips our energetic harmony off-balance. Only by taking responsibility for whatever caused the imbalance can we empower ourselves and elevate our consciousness in order to self-heal. While it may be possible to do this on our own, we simply cannot devote every hour of every day to sending healing energy to ourselves. The AIM Program does the heavy lifting, so to speak, of delivering the self-selected balancing energies around the clock so that participants can face the causes of their pain and fear to heal themselves.

Lewis first concentrated on identifying frequencies (they now number more than 500,000 and more are added almost daily) that allow people to heal their physical, mental and emotional imbalances. More recently, he has found hundreds of additional frequencies that can be self-selected to enhance and empower a life in other ways. They help participants choose to elevate their consciousness and move out of victim mode into the freedom of full self-responsibility. Just a few of these frequencies are perpetual gratitude, feelings of harmony, appreciation of the miraculous, encouraging prosperity, and the ability to welcome love. Participants’ subconscious minds choose whichever frequencies apply, and so enable them to live what Lewis likes to call the AIM lifestyle.

“Healing takes courage,” explains Judy Greenough, an AIM participant for the last six years who became an AIM facilitator after only six months on the program. “You can stay in victim mode or you can use your power to realize you can make conscious choices in your own life.”

Greenough had been diagnosed with glaucoma some months before joining The AIM Program, and within six months of participating, all signs of it disappeared. “For me, that moved me into absolute knowing,” she says. “It moved me out of a place of victimhood to a place of acceptance that I had created everything in my past and can create my future. Embracing self-responsibility is the most freeing experience you can have.”

Peter Dallas began drumming when he was still a kid and in the early 1980s began playing professionally. Because “we had no ear protection then,” he explains, he suffered a serious hearing loss.

He has been on The AIM Program since 1999, but had begun using Lewis’ earlier energetic balancing methods in 1993. Since then, when he’s on tour, he says the rest of the band and crew may get sick, but he doesn’t. In the fall of 2008, he says his hearing suddenly became 50 percent better. “I can hear all kinds of things I couldn’t hear before,” he says. In addition, during his time on The AIM Program, “my music became more grounded and creative,” he says. “And I’m living consciously and stay focused on everything I’m doing instead of standing still or moving backward. Everything seems to flow.”

When Mary Hansen was diagnosed in 2003 with cancer in both breasts, she disagreed with doctors’ advice to have a double mastectomy. Instead, she maintained control over her treatment, beginning with acupuncture and Reiki treatments. She also added The AIM Program to her regime. Three months later, she had two lumpectomies as well as chemo and radiation in order to remove the cancerous cells from her body. She has had no recurrence.

Hansen says she’s been on her spiritual path for twenty years, so she was “already in the mindset” to use AIM. “When you meditate, you have to have conscious intention,” she explains. “With AIM, you don’t have to make a conscious effort or set aside the time. It’s a peace of mind kind of thing. My higher self is choosing the frequencies I need.”

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Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace is a freelance writer in Arizona who often writes about spiritual and metaphysical matters.


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