Maybe This Is The Beginning of New Times


From what I have observed, human beings have traditionally feared change – especially when they are not capable of understanding, or are not aware of what the change means for each of them. From what I have observed, the spirit world has been a mirror of Earth. The spirit world also has struggled with changes it does not understand and often struggles to embrace whole-heartedly.

Uncertainty can stir up within each of us the energy of concern, anxiety and fear. This fear can be physically gripping to the point of decision-making paralysis, which often results in individuals attempting to hold onto what is known and held as their truth – even if it means remaining stuck in past choices and holding onto past concepts and beliefs currently held to be true. Have you ever heard someone say, “Why can’t things go back to the way they used to be? I knew what to expect then!” My friends, there is no going back!

Some human beings believe they have a life plan and a higher self that encourages and leads them in directions that are created to ensure a successful human experience. What if the energy that supports an established life plan begins to dissolve, dissipate and disappear and we are on our own? What if the higher self is not always the highest self and does not always understand what is in your highest good? Even if you believe the higher self is important to you, it does not mean it is always the highest self, and wiser self.

What if each of us was given the opportunity to tap into a new energy called the highest self as a source and a re-source? What if you were no longer given a direction to go, and you were given opportunity to choose for your Self? Would you know how to choose? What if the energy that chooses a direction for you no longer existed? What if your connection to the new universal energy allowed you to be aware in ways you have never known before! Then you could become the actual chooser of the direction you go, rather than someone who experiences a direction chosen for you.

This could result in a degree of chaos in the physical world around us, as well as the physical world within us. I believe this is already coming to be our experience.

I have a friend who had a life plan and a higher self that had been choosing for her. In our many conversations, when we asked questions to discover her truth, we became aware that her higher self had stepped back to be a resource she could tap into, as her highest self. She then realized this was why she was struggling to make even daily choices, as well as life choices. She became aware that she had never made any choices in her life. They were made for her. Energy directed her in many different life directions. Without an energy choosing for her, she was now paralyzed by the fear, “What if I make a wrong choice?” So she was choosing nothing. As her uncertainty held her captive, the apprehension of “What If” paralyzed her. She has had to learn how to make her own choices, and at 70 years of age, this has not been easy.

As we shift from the old universal energy of the experience of Self into the new universal energy of the relationship with Self, many old energies in our lives will begin to dissipate and disappear. As this takes place, the ability to feel secure and safe through this process will not come from another. It can and will only come from within our Self. Can you tap into the strong, authentic, energy Self and continue to move forward? You will be the one to make this choice!

Religious-based concepts associated with the old universal energy suggest this secure feeling can only come from God or a higher power. This creates dependency and obligation on another and for another. This creates voluntary slavery to another’s will, with the assumption that the intentions of others are honest and honorable. Deception and manipulation by the spirit world has been a very blatant part of this universe, whether you desire to believe it or not. There is no freedom in that thought for me. Have any of you considered why the thought “higher” power is used, instead of the “highest” power possible? Higher to me suggests limitation.

The new universal relationship energy encourages each of us to know the highest power and energy possible, when we go within our Self to discover it. You then become the creator of your independence and your freedom to BE. This gift comes from you, as the realized Self within emerges. This will allow you to begin to choose for your Self. There will be no other higher consciousness deciding this for you. There will be no other that is or can be more than you, only equal in the true nature of Self!

Human beings have been taught to ignore our Self, so that we can serve and fulfill another’s needs. There will be no need to be self-less. Instead, you can be self-more, as every other being awakens to the expansiveness of their own Self. If every thing and every other were to disappear today and there was no other to depend on, or turn to or pray to, would you, could you, be content and secure in your own energy to stand alone? If you could not or cannot, can any other really give to you, what you believe you are not capable of giving to your Self? If so, I would suggest you are still caught up in the teaching of the old universe. I would suggest that all you need is you and the new universe will stand with you and every other you within the illusion of separation!

I am fully aware that the key to open the door to deeper understanding and awareness exists only through you, not through another! I suggest that the old universal hierarchy and the associated teachers and teachings are limited, incomplete and often misleading.

If everything – and All That Is – is one energy and there is only the illusion of separation, then isn’t it blatant deception that another can be more than any other? Can you be the One to open the door to this deeper understanding? I believe you are the gatekeeper and the key-master!

The old universal “Experience” energy suggests that you need another to open the door for you and to judge if you are competent to enter. The new universal “Relationship” energy suggests that this is a gift only you can give to your Self and is only possible through your Self! In connection to the Universal One Self, every One Self, as an aspect of the Universal One Self, is welcome, with no judgment – just unconditional acceptance!

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Ricki Lee Schuster
Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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