Cancer, the Crab


moonrabbitThe astrological sign of Cancer begins with the summer solstice each year. In late June, the earth is full of life, growth, flowers and ripening bounty. Although Cancer is a water sign and is extraordinarily emotionally sensitive, it brings a Cardinal, or action energy, to the personality, as well. Cancer people make choices in life based on emotion, and they are likely to allow feelings to lead their actions.

The Crab gives us an excellent representation of the Cancer personality. Using humor, cynicism or aloofness, the hard outer shell of the crab protects their inner vulnerability. There also are some Cancer individuals that have few defenses, and show their emotions easily. Cancer people will scuttle sideways along a problem, hoping you get the hint; never quite being comfortable asking for help. Being great nurturers, these individuals will listen with empathy, sympathize with your every problem and often give others what they themselves are hoping to get. If you don’t get the hint, fearing rejection, they can “hide in their cave” until they are ready to come out. Treat Cancers with love and kindness and they will take you into their nurturing circle, being a true friend.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the night planet. Just as the Moon is continually changing phases, Cancer people are changing how they feel. They can take a long time to build trust in their relationships but are very trustworthy themselves. Craving security, home and family is very important to them; the need to belong trumps all else. Cancer people will often maintain strong family ties even though relationships are difficult, whether it is birth family or family of choice. Their home is their castle and making a comfortable home where they can be alone or entertain is very important.

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