Hormone Healing for Women Class


A woman’s entire life is dictated by the nature of her hormones. While science is zeroing in on some of the physical factors involved in feminine hormone production and regulation, it has done little to address the energetic situations that can create hormonal heaven or hell. Co-founders of Be Real Index, Cyndi Dale and Carolyn Vinup, are helping women of every age transform the energetic issues that create hormone havoc. They are presenting the class “Hormone Healing for Women” on July 17 at the Marsh in Minnetonka, MN.

The two women have isolated the subtle energy issues affecting hormone health, including the following:

  • Emotional imprints that underlie self-defeating behaviors, such as unhealthy eating, self-sabotage and neurological imbalances
  • Relationship imprints caused by early life trauma, abuse and cultural norms
  • Family miasms or energy patterns that lead to chemical catastrophes
  • Energetic imprints, such as cords and energy markers, often caused by trauma and unseen negative forces that attract harmful situations
  • Genetic imprints that turn the wrong genes on or off
  • Poor energy boundaries which cause poor messaging within the body

Cyndi Dale, author of eight books on energy medicine, asserts that over 80 percent of our hormone issues are most likely caused by these and other types of energy factors. Her newest book, The Subtle Body, is a top-seller on Amazon.com. Carolyn Vinup is president of HPSS Global and a leading-edge expert on leadership and healing.

For information or registration for the event, contact [email protected] or 612.325.5162.

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