In the Stars: Forecast for July 2009


Aries: Professional, job and career questions loom large for this month. Work is very time consuming and stressful with too much interpersonal drama. Be careful of any decisions made in haste.

Taurus: Your friends will want to spend more time with you, and your community connections will spread, as well. Bring your common-sense realism to bear in all these situations.

Gemini: Enjoy the relaxation that this month will bring. If you are not planning a vacation, find ways to give your mind a break. Exercise caution with alcohol and motor vehicles.

Cancer: The emotional intensity builds throughout this month. Keep your emotions in check; much of what is overwhelming right now will settle down very quickly next month. More is in your control than you think.

Leo: This month promises the temptations of extravagance both financially and emotionally. Be generous with friends and loved ones, but don’t be fooled by flattery.

Virgo: Brothers, sisters, cousins and other family members take up a lot of your time and energy this month. Family reunions can lead to difficulties for the next six months, so use humor to diffuse the situation.

Libra: Working on beautifying your home is a point of focus this month. Family members seem to be in crises as well. Make sure to find some time for yourself.

Scorpio: This is a good month for speculation if you feel so inclined. Trust your instincts and good results will follow. Children and pets need time and attention.

Sagittarius: Find time for all those odd repair jobs you’ve been putting off. Attention to detail and persistence are your allies right now. Health problems come into clearer focus.

Capricorn: The people you love the most will be in need of your love and support. Finding a balance between work and home is crucial right now. Use your time wisely.

Aquarius: You find limits on your social life this month; the stars say it’s time for introspection and self-discovery. Buried secrets from the past find their way into your life.

Pisces: Taking classes, going on trips, opening your mind to new ideas is very fulfilling right now. Find time to dream and imagine, but life will keep you very busy.

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