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At last, an online version of a magazine that is truly complete. I love the new format. I love being able to literally page through this month’s issue and know that I am seeing all of it. The zoom feature works great. You can print one less paper copy now that you have a complete version available on the web. Well done. – Arlene Mitchell, submitted online

MaherI especially loved your Bill Maher article it is really funny. The Brinkley Effect is funny too. You have a special gift, Tim, with your writing. Keep up the great work. Thank you for putting this really <BIGTOOTHYGRIN> on my face and thank you for making my day so bright and upbeat. – Deborah Lynn 11, Stillwater, MN

Editor’s note: In addition to this letter, we received one email from an advertiser who did not want us to print her comment, noting that she did not feel the satire presented in the June edition was in keeping with the purpose of this publication. We received another email from a reader who asked whether the Bill Maher satire actually happened, and judging by what we have heard by “word of mouth,” many people believe Maher actually did talk about The Edge on his HBO program. We received one other phone call from an advertiser who was angry about the satire. The Edge did not intend to offend or anger anyone, but merely wanted to inject some humor into the publication and poke some fun at ourselves. Unless there is an outcry for more satire in The Edge, we will postpone our original plan to make it a regular part of the magazine each month.

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