My Cheesepuff was no Cream Puff

I could feel the cat gently walking around my head on the pillow, pulling my hair ever-so-slightly. Deep in that last morning dream before waking, I realized I was lucid. I looked around and could see she was an orange and white, long-haired tabby. I just knew it was a she. I could hear her insistent meows. I blinked awake, smiled and thought, “Hmmm…this will be an interesting day!”

I stopped by the Corner Store on the Universal Studios lot where I worked to check on my cousin who had recently gotten a job there. He looked stressed. When I asked why, he immediately asked if I wanted a cat. His girlfriend had brought home three from the shelter the night before. So I asked if it was a female, orange and white, long-haired tabby. With a shocked look, he replied that it was. I told him excitedly, “She’s mine!”

Cheesepuff had been scheduled to be euthanized and was very ill when she was rescued, due to her Hollywood good looks, charm and innate sweetness. She hid for three days when I brought her home, but soon we became best friends. True to my dream, she liked to walk on my hair and meow to wake me up promptly at 6 a.m. every day.

Cheesepuff became my energy healing partner whenever she was allowed, respectfully lying under the healing table in the spot associated with the client’s chakra that needed the most attention. She did the same for me by sleeping next to or on top of whatever chakra was most depleted in me.

When I do distant healing work on people or animals, I often use a teddy bear as a surrogate, and Ms. Cheese (a.k.a. Ms. Chi Puff), was always drawn to the work, adding her energy in that sweet, gentle and sometimes fierce fur-person way, with louder purrs than you would think possible by a 6-pound cat. Sometimes she would enter my dream or wake me, letting me know I needed to send healing to the person we were dreaming of. Working while you sleep, too! Now that’s what I call full time!

Recently, my dear healing partner began showing signs that her transition time was near. We spent one fitful night with her mostly on my heart chakra. I awoke to hear her last purr. She made her transition on June 3, my Dad’s passing day. I look forward to seeing her again, in my dreams.

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Claudia Johnson is a Wellness Coach and owner of Healing Energy Arts Center in South Minneapolis. She is a full-time healing practitioner, certified in Reiki III, Healing Touch Practitioner, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, HT for Animals, Hypnotherapy and Creative Visualization, NLP Master Practitioner, BFA Dance, and Therapeutic Massage. Claudia worked at Universal Studios in Hollywood for 10 years. Contact her at, call 612.597.5682 or visit



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