Animal Medicine from Pine Stone Lodge


    KollWhen I unlock the gates and ascend down the tree-lined driveway, I breathe deep and feel a sense of peace and serenity. I open the door of Pine Stone Lodge, and the large Great Room with the hand-carved grizzly bear welcomes me with excitement and anticipation. I’m grateful that internet service does not work here. I turn off my cell phone, adjust the geo-thermal heat, and light a candle. Without any expectation, I vow to stay in the present moment and allow divine wisdom to unfold perfectly.

    Something magical happens when I sit in this kind of silence, where there are no power lines or railroad tracks. I take some deep breaths. The vibrations of energy pulsate through my entire body. I turn up the drumming music and can’t help but begin to start moving around as if in some sort of trance state. I ground myself by taking a walk in nature. I apply my Sacred Mountain essential oil and climb the sand hill “mountain” next to the tall pine tree. The sun is setting and I have a bird’s eye view of the serene pond. I perform a sun salutation and surrender to the perfection of Mother Nature.

    I walk further along the wooded trails and climb up one of the deer stands. After sitting high amongst the tree tops for 20 minutes, I hear the sound of branches crackling. Right below me coming from the west direction is a black bear! I am frozen quiet as the bear passes by and shuffles off into the woods. Soon after, I spot a deer to the east. Off to the north, I hear a squirrel scampering and several varieties of birds are flying to my south. I think I am sitting in the middle of a medicine wheel?

    Upon returning to the Lodge, I review my medicine cards and am enlightened by the many profound messages from these animals in my medicine wheel. They give me messages of introspective healing, calm gentleness, wise resourcefulness, and magical joy. As I browse through pages of the Pine Stone Lodge guest book, a sentence catches my eye from a previous guest who wrote, “These are sacred lands…walk softly so you can hear the whispered messages….” The whispered messages of these animals brought me a gift of clarity that I needed in my life.

    Other guests have written or spoken about the movement of “cat energy” in the lodge, visions of Native Americans harvesting rice, UFO sightings, experiences of deep meditation and lucid dreams, and clarity of life purpose. I am grateful for all the energies and experiences brought into Pine Stone Lodge. The latest idea includes a campground consisting of several Native American tipis scattered throughout the 145 acres of land. Besides this medicine wheel experience, our intention is to see Pine Stone Lodge as a hosting sight for various ceremonies and rituals honoring new beginnings, endings, mergings, cycles and healings.

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    Lynn Koll
    Lynn Koll facilitates various workshops, retreats and circles. She is a Personal Evolution Life Coach, Ordained Minister and a DNA Energy Practitioner. She is currently studying Functional Nutrition. She is the owner of PineStone Lodge Retreat Center. Visit her website at


    1. I’ve stayed at PineStone Lodge 3 times and it is truly a spirutual place. The sun through the trees comfort the person and the spirits. A must do – short drive, lovely location.

    2. I have been at Pine Stone Lodge just a couple of weeks ago. It is truly a magic place with limitless potential.


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