Psychic Pets Around Us


In my line of work as a medium and intuitive, I have found that pets are just like humans when it comes to being psychic. They all possess different abilities just like we do, and some don’t use it, just as some of us don’t. I am not an expert pet psychic, but if I need to I can tap into them just like tapping into another person.

But just like humans, they have boundaries, too. So ask them before you tap into them.

Most of my pets have had different abilities. I had a Doberman Pincher that was a healer. She was one of the best healers I know, above humans. When I was a child, if I was ever sick with a cold or had a headache, she would lay down next to me and put her head on my head. Within 15 minutes, my headache was completely gone – or if I was sick, it was only for a day.

Now I have a Pomeranian, and she has the ability to see spirits like I do. We make a great team. I first learned about this after an uncle of mine passed away. I knew he was in our house, in spirit, to check up on us. But what surprised me is that for the next couple days leading up to his funeral, my dog acted odd. She barked in the kitchen at what others saw as nothing, and she sat and stared at what others thought was just an empty spot.

A year later, I did my first ghostbusting. After I came home, my dog was acting the same way, but this time she acted very timidly. As we were getting ready for bed, she started growling at my door and then ran and hid under the pillows. I knew the visiting spirit wasn’t friendly, if it scared her. She was used to spirits and ghosts, and it took a lot to make her growl. So she tried to hide behind me, and I firmly said to the spirit, “You need to leave.” After that, my dog calmed down and went to sleep.

I have many conversations with her to this day. They can talk to us if we are just open to them. Here are some ways to open up communication with your pets:

  • Let your heart open to them. Treat them as an equal and not just another pet. They can sense this, and it will draw them closer.
  • Play with them or just take time to sit with them and tell them how your day went. Then, let your mind just be open to them. Odds are you will get some kind of response with them, either a physical one or maybe just a simple picture in your head. This might be their advice to you in some way.
  • Tell them your secrets, hopes and desires. They are there for you, if you let them. Remember the old saying about a man and his best friend. Our pets want to be friends with us if we let them. They hold so much information that can help us. They are sensitive beings that feel the problems we go through; to them, they are going through things with us.
  • Ask them for advice and become friends with them. Eventually you will be able to better understand their needs and wants – and your needs and wants.

Pets are truly a blessing in disguise. Live and learn alongside them, as we do with each other.

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