Psychic Shih-tzus and Sharing Life with My Dogs


KnudsonI know animals are spiritual beings. Dogs have been some of my best friends since the day I was born (and probably before). They are always happy to see you. They will play with you when no one else will. They are the warmest, softest, kindest, most entertaining and cuddly things in my world.

I love watching animals interact with each other. I feel that making sure your dog has other dog friends is a very important thing. Before we got my dog Fancy’s new boy friend, Mr. T, we used to have regular sleepovers at my house with our dog friends Annie and Nellie. Every animal being is truly unique and individual, just like human beings. Their relationships with each other are individual, too.

I believe Fancy is the same soul as my dog Ricki, who died around 10 years ago. The coloring, markings and temperament are very similar. I’ve always wanted to learn to talk to the dogs. In my early twenties, I really started to search the psychic stuff.

Next, I tried to communicate with my dog through animal communicators. My dog Cleo was a very psychic shih-tzu. One time she amazed the communicator by showing the lady the view through her eyes. She showed herself walking around her building outside. I think she was trying to communicate about the poison in the yard. She also told me she wanted more room on the bed and that my boyfriends didn’t matter to her. She was there for me, and it was me she loved.

Through many dark times my dogs have been a bright light for me.

Cleo trained Fancy in before she left. She made sure Fancy knew exactly what was expected of dogs at the Eva household. Fancy learned well and added her own twists, too. She even licks my tears if I cry, which always makes me laugh or at least smile, totally changing my mood for the better. Alchemy.

Two years after Cleo died, I started thinking about getting Fancy a dog friend of her own again. I had an animal reading, and during our conversation I asked Fancy if she wanted another dog. She said, “Yes,” and showed the lady a whitish dog that looked a lot like herself. The lady said she just saw two white blurs running after each other in a long room. At the time I didn’t know anything about how I would get a dog. Having NO money had a lot to do with it.

I ended up fostering (free to me) two dogs (both from one home), adopting the sister out to an excellently nice home, through Midwest Animal Shelter, and keeping the other one. It was a great experience. Having Mr. T (Teddy) around has totally brightened our world. Fancy is more energetic and playful. Tug Toy is a 24/7 game at my house! Every night I sleep in a wonderfully warm dog pile. My favorite thing is to wake up to perfect little dog paws air running in their dreams!

My dogs are chemical free, eat organic food, and are treated with acupuncture, chiropractic and natural remedies as much as possible. Thank you to every animal for sharing the Earth with us!

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