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Bilig, the Lipizzan
Bilig, the Lipizzan

Shortly after 9/11, I had returned home to Minneapolis from Arizona. I had worked with a Tibetan lama who instructed me to work with the animals – particularly the horses. As a healer, I understood the message and set out to offer my healing services to local horse rescue farms. Since I was a child, I had always wanted to own a horse – however, life intervened, finding my house full of members of the canine world.

The world of horses is full of fun and exciting stories and adventure. I found a strong spiritual connection to these beautiful creatures, and I often sit in awe and admire their greatness of strength and character.

As time passed, I continued to receive strong nudges to look for my horse, yet I always found excuses to delay. The nudges continued. I would drive down the road and my head would spin to view any horse in a pasture. It truly began to feel as if I was looking for a horse – but which one?

Little did I know that Bilig was looking for me, too.

Her name is Bilig (Ba-Leek’), the Mongolian word for female energy; principle of wisdom and cunning. She was born Rona, a purebred Lipizzan mare. The Lipizzans are a rare breed originating in the 1500s from Austria royalty and made world famous by the Spanish Riding School and General Patton. Today there are only 4,000 Lipizzans in the world.

Bilig was born in 1991, and she has traveled to many parts of the U.S. in her role as a broodmare, producing four Lipizzan foals during the course of her years.

Divine Intervention interceded in 2004. Monty Roberts, known as the Horse Whisperer, was at the Horse Expo. I attended his seminar and won the door prize of his complete training kit! I had Monty sign his book and stated, “Now, all I need is the horse.” Well, to my surprise a month later I became the proud owner of a Lipizzan, also known as the mystical Unicorn/Pegasus. Remembering how in my childhood dreams a winged white horse would come and take me to magical places. I had found her and she had found me.

We have encountered five past lives together as old souls journeying through the eons of time.

It’s been five years in this life with this magical teacher! Now she has asked me to open a school offering healing/training services with horses, and my web site [] is the beginning of our school as the journey continues….

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Alyson Chandler
Alyson Chandler is an animal communicator, intuitive healer and psychic consultant who can be reached at 612.325.0940 or email via websites. Please visit at


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