The Timing of Letting Go

ThompsonIt’s something of a paradox that I’m saying hello to the readers of The Edge for the first time, and writing about goodbyes. But when a topic is presented, I follow guidance and go with it. Such is the case this month.

In life, there are many different levels of healing we may choose to experience throughout its course (or not). Likewise, with death, there are more finite observations to be made, if we have the perseverance and the courage to look for them. I am not immune, as a healer, to such challenges myself.

During the course of an average year, many people contact me requesting long-distance healings on their sick animals, and that’s not unusual. I provide this as a service, and a long list of miracles attest to why I absolutely love what I do! I’m also a retired race horse trainer, and still ride two of my own.

Animals will mirror issues we have on an emotional level that will manifest in a physical or behavioral problem. Not only do they take these issues on for us, and help us process them, they do so by agreement. As humans, we have begun to re-define who they are in relationship to us, more cognizant of their incredibly important connection. One cannot fail to see that there is so much more they have to teach us.

Some of these animals I work on are not meant to stay on the earth plane very long. Transitioning from one reality to another is the normal course for all beings on this planet at this point in time. But that does not mean that acceptance is easy for those of us remaining.

One such animal was a 26-year-old TB mare that was visibly failing. Her owner contacted me and asked me to see what Tara wanted her to do. The response from the mare was not totally unexpected, but the degree of emotion that hit me was. I could hardly speak as I endeavored to tell her owner that the mare “longed for greener pastures.” This was not conveyed in linear dialogue – much as it was a visual picture accompanied by the most incredible love and gratitude for her life with her owner. I could not help but wonder if there was a mirror I was looking at for myself. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

This type of experience is a constant with all animals I connect with. The love they convey is staggering! But, that is not usually all there is going on when this inevitable time comes for them. I know, from doing this spiritual work for nearly 15 years now, that sorrow can be very illuminating. The quantum view, or what is often called the picture under the picture, lends insight to so much more than meets the eye.

I recently learned that one of my own mares has cancer. But, beyond my personal grief has emerged something far more illuminating. I now have an expanded view beyond the obviously precious gift she’d been, ever since the frosty April morning she was foaled some 18 years ago. It’s clear that she is part of a cycle that’s coming to completion in my personal life. Her birth was a concession for a time when I was losing a way of life, a husband, and other things that were no less precious. Now, as some of those things are coming full circle, it’s clear that in nearing the end of her time here, she has triggered the release of residual emotion over those events that I had not been able to fully release. Processing the impending loss has done what time could not.

What this tells us is that no transition is haphazard. And without fail, there is always a reason they come, they live, they love, and they return to the Light when they do. I hope this helps soften your own experiences.



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