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Honoring Michael Jackson

Thank you Michael for your contribution of pure energy. A few weeks ago, this article was going to be titled “All You Need is Love” after the song by The Beatles. That is also when I realized that the message is about pure energy and love is the purest of energy – as we can feel as humans.

The beloved Michael Jackson understood that on some level. He knew how to transmit pure love, and we can feel it now more than ever.

Most legendary performers have this awareness – that they are channeling from a higher power. As a matter of fact, this last April, two of remaining “Fab Four” performed in New York to support David Lynch. He is the founder of Be the Change, a non-profit to raise money that teaches musicians/children about transcendental mediation to increase creativity. Musicians have been tapping into the element of source energy for years, although, they may or may have not realized it.

This concept is at the core of energy healing. We have a constant-access Source, as we link into purest energy available. I do my best to practice energy work on a daily basis and am constantly reminding myself that I am a transmitter. We all are! A constant sending and receiving with words, thoughts and emotions. Think of it as becoming One with our soul – a position I feel at the core of my inner body and continues with a pulsation upward to the Universe. An Energy accessible 24/7, with no power switch – the same energy Lennon, Angelo, DaVinci and Einstein undoubtedly tapped into.

How do you develop and recognize the energy of Source? First, know it as love. The easiest way for most of us to send and receive this energy is to simply “feel” it and then send or receive with intention.

So again, thank you again, MJ. Message received, infinitely! And, thank you Beatles, because all you do need is Love. – Joni Schmidt, Santa Fe, NM ([email protected])

The Pioneer Press Interview

An article was printed on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press on July 13 entitled, “That’s too far out to be New Age.” Bob Shaw’s article seemed whimsical and yet totally trivialized the validity and importance of different spiritual ways, especially if you mention the word psychic.

I am proud, not ashamed, to say I have been intuitive all of my life and that I believe in angels and the possibilities of UFOs being real, big foot, and fairies and many other supposed “out there” things. One should use discernment, but if you have had an unusual intuitive experience of your own, you may awaken to new spiritual ways. Many unexplained spiritual things happen every day.

Sometimes there seems to be fear and judgment about psychics. When people are fearful they make fun of what they don’t understand. I felt Bob Shaw’s article was not only inaccurate on what Tim Miejan is trying to do to help the world in a spiritual way, but also Mr. Shaw showed the typical ignorant mainstream attitudes about new age.

New age is really old age, with holistic ways that go way back in history. It is encouraging that Tim Miejan and Cathy Jacobsen have The Edge magazine where we can submit articles and feel free to be ourselves. I pray to God, Christ and the angels and ask for help from my guides. Also, I have had a shaman Native American guide with me since I was 3 years old, and who has taught me much about nature and helping the world with healing.

I believe the new age movement has shifted and changed to the age of Aquarius, and that we are in it right NOW. The time has arrived for us as lightworkers not to be afraid to speak out. A lightworker is simply a person who holds the light, believes in doing good and is trying to heal the world. We need lightworkers, especially in these difficult days. I do believe there are many mainstream people out there who are becoming more open to new ways of spirituality – finally!

We lightworkers should speak our truth. Thank you to Tim Miejan for opening the doors for the rest of us. – Karla Wessel, Angel Star Journeys, Forest Lake, MN

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