A Grain of Sand


    petersonTime and again I wonder about the soul’s indifference to our feelings, yet it allows us to choose a direction or path that we will take. From the smallest choice to the larger, more dynamic family or career choices, our soul watches.

    Many people ask me what does the soul look like. Mostly, it reminds me of a lava lamp. About 16 inches tall. Brilliant in color and light. A gold and silver flowing intermixed. Illuminated by the source within it. Rays of light and energy escape its boundaries filling our physical being. Never faltering in its desires. Never waning, the light we all seek is inside us. We all look the same.

    I wonder about the soul. Suffering from a recent illness, I’ve been not too keen on spreading this around. So, I stay home. I miss opportunities to share with my friends. Recently I’d been reminded that I was missed. Sudden warmth of friendship and companionship filled me.

    I again wondered about the soul. How does the soul “feel” what we feel, or “see” what we see. So I went to find out from my soul’s perspective, seeing me.

    From my soul as it discovers a journey:

    He misses his friends too, though he has been a windshield warrior of late. Still, he does his job the best he can. He fulfills someone’s expectations of him.

    He misses being able to play in the sand. He wonders what wonders might be revealed. He knows the resolve of play figures that are dancing in the sand and cannot be still, though held firmly in place. He knows that a future can be seen and does not worry about a past. Pasts hold no future, only parts of a whole. The sand and its infinitely small size can be observed when the grain of sand is as large as him!

    As the grain of sand grows, he sees the corners of the grain of sand are sharp, each giving a direction. The colors of the grain are infinite at this size, mingling and blending a chaos of flowing patterns. Other areas are smooth like a mirror, fresh and new. Reflections show his truth. He knows who he is and embraces the grain. The sides are scarred with memories of conflict, contact and contentment. Each telling a story of a crusade to survive, an event that helped him follow his way. Each telling a story of missed friends that touched him and spun on by, leaving only a wanting of another to follow the first.

    He remembers the feeling of compassion and grace in others. The excitement of an encounter pending raises his level of hope. Others will offer their wisdom as he listens. Their wisdom is for the future, he thought. He is tired. Tired, Tired. Rest, you all say, but he doesn’t hear you. You offer coaching from afar, offering hope. He knows he is missed.

    The grain of sand is huge at this size. Its shadow creates a coolness around him. He does not like the past or references to it. Just judgments we carry. He sees the now that he exists in and is happy to be him. He has looked for those alike, but some only drift by, not wanting the more of this life. They hold to their crap. He sees more chaos intersects his life.

    Onward and upward, a Superman he will be. He sees visions of fate expressed in his dreams. A level of self exists, a level of fulfillment and desires drives him now. Not feeling sad, but happy and glad. Touching lives and feeling the emotions in their moment can lead him away. Following a new light that had escaped him for years. He is following a dream that started many lifetimes ago. “Fulfill!” is shouted at him now that he listens. Hears his own heart, he does, and says thanks for the wisdom.

    As the grain of sand travels on, it bounds off others. Each grain an individual, each immortal in its faith. Each grain chooses a path. Some grains we touch, some we never see. Those that touch us leave their mark, their imprint on who we are. He shudders to think, “Can I touch them all?”

    Back in this world he is still seeking friends. Ones that he says will share the light of their grain of sand. He sees deep inside, a gift he was given. A gift to see the soul for who others are. A gift the he shares to the grain of sand in you.

    It’s time to go back, to be human again. Or is it easier to become as small as the grain of sand. The soul has shown me a place of wonder in one of this world’s most common sight. If we look closely enough, if we can look small enough, we can see sand where we walk. If we look inside ourselves, we can see the individual grain of sand. Just like you, my soul has a history inside like the grain of sand. It’s who I am and will be.

    Wow, what a lesson.

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