Maintaining your personal alignment ‘vibration’

coachingI define what I do as “vibrational” coaching. Why? Because you have to ask yourself what proportion of your day are you in “vibrational” harmony with your desires? How much of your day are you happy, sad, eager, fulfilled and satisfied? What portions of your day are you angry, irritated, frustrated, blaming, anxiety ridden or have a feeling of being stuck. If you could, wouldn’t you change these images about yourself – by yourself? Sometimes we are so close to the reality that we are creating that we can’t see the bigger picture.

It was when I began to work with a life coach that I had significant movement in what happened in my day. I was able to see with more clarity what I had been doing to sabotage my growth in this ever-changing world that we have upon us today.

I found through my own healing that once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment “vibration,” a great deal flows to you in regards to personal freedom. It releases that preverbial ball and chain to your past that keeps replaying over and over again in your life circumstances, and it opens you up to financial freedom, because you have now let go of any of the long term or even generational barriers that keep you steeped in what’s to be yours.

The stability of your day-to-day life is now free from fear, control, or the emotions of others that are constantly dictating to you how things should be. You learn to not let others set the standard or “vibration” level for you.

It is from my own personal journey of healing that I became a “vibrational” coach, which is to help the client attain an energy that is a vibrational match to their truest desires.

Some of the ways you can start to change much of the above yourself is to:

  • Stop assuming and judging. See the situation for what it is and take it at its face value, and don’t make more out of it. If you don’t know for sure, then you will be either assuming or judging what should or shouldn’t be happening. Communicate as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstanding. This one practice can set you on your way to a happier you.
  • Live entirely right now today, no further ahead nor behind.
  • Be grateful for something in your life every day. Implementing this one practice into your life can keep you from living too far in the past or too far in the future. This practice will alleviate much of the anxiety that people suffer from today.
  • Know that it is so very right to put yourself first above all else. Even above your family.
  • Know that what got you here where you’re at right now won’t go away overnight, but enjoying the journey of getting to where you want to be is what you should be doing.

What is it that you learn when you work with a life coach – or in my case, a “vibration coach”? You learn to take back your personal power!



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