Creating vitality, happiness and peace of mind

coachingWe all need a little support from a friend. Having a structure in place where you choose what your next goal is, a small one each week, and having a coach listen to you, knowing that you will succeed: This will give you the success you desire. You already know what it is that would best serve you, so listen to your own inner voice. Then tell someone who believes in you, and you will succeed. This is simple and powerful.

You may want to lose weight, eat healthier or start a healthy exercise routine. Whatever that may be, when you are supported, you will succeed. Having small, weekly goals – with an overall goal – will give you small sustainable successes. When changing your eating habits, do the same thing. You cannot sustain a radical diet shift, try taking on adding one or two servings of vegetables per day and maintain that. Try things on. See if they work. If you do not like something, you can drop it and add something you like. Enjoying what you do will go much further and be much more sustainable than if you make sacrifices and suffer.

This is the same for exercise. Start for just two days a week, then after a couple of weeks, add another day. Soon, you will be hooked on exercise. At the same time, allow unhealthy habits to fall away, one at a time. Start with the easiest one first. As you become stronger and develop the muscle of your will, the successes will come easier, too. Most importantly, in exercise, if you love what you do, you will stick to it. I find that if people laugh together in my classes, they keep coming back. They get fit and the camaraderie supports you. When you laugh with others you feel supported too.

I combine yoga with a weight-loss program and coaching, because the practice of gaining greater awareness of your self works. Yogic philosophy is woven within all that I do. By unifying mind, body and spirit through your life, you will see the next thing to take on – the next thing you can transform through your own practice and conscious awareness. It may be the food you eat, the exercise, the attitudes, the gremlins (mind chatter)….

As you gain greater awareness, knowledge and practice, you will succeed in living your life with vitality, happiness and peace of mind. What would the world be like if we all did that?



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