Did you see the “Gift?”


coachingMy calling to Life Coaching came boldly at age 15. My dad had been in a near-fatal accident two years earlier. I had to grow up fast, fight my own battles, be my own support system and try to live in a world where no one acknowledged the deep spiritual awareness that was my inner truth. It was this gift that brought people to me with their problems and issues, from everyday family dysfunctions and relationship issues to sexual abuse and drug addictions, as the guidance they sought flowed forth through the grace of Spirit.

In each session, I am aware of the soul’s essence of the person I’m coaching, thus accessing the soul’s knowledge of what is most important at the time. While the problems, life challenges or lessons may have different details for each client, the core of each situation is the same. Working through these cores is a process, much like the grieving process of denial, anger, blaming others, blaming one’s self, then finally acceptance. This process does not guarantee that a lesson is learned, it only reveals where a person is in the process.

My mission is to observe where a client is in this process and offer tools to help him/her move through the process with ease and grace, to become aware of the truth of the situation, to realize what part is his/her responsibility, to respect those sharing the challenge and to recognize and honor the gift.

At a time in our existence when we are faced with personal and global challenges, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, this is the time to clean house, literally and figuratively. Get rid of the physical clutter around you and the emotional attachments that no longer serve you. Follow your intuition. You will know what to part with. Adopt the realization that your thoughts affect mass consciousness. Be aware of your hopes and wishes. Make a list of your desires. Set personal and global goals. Get out of the house. Nurture nature. Volunteer. Help the homeless or the infirm. This helps heal others as well as yourself. Acknowledge what your true gifts are and meditate on them. Believe in positive abundance and the embodiment of Divine Light within each human on the planet at this time. Know that you are making a difference now!

Being a Life Coach does not exempt me from life challenges or lessons. Important keys I use to address them include starting each day with gratitude, viewing each call for help as my opportunity to serve the highest good of all, being open to the truth or highest value of each challenge or situation, respecting each person’s process, refraining from judgment, and above all, offering the same unconditional love that I feel from Spirit in each and every moment and yet, honoring my guidance in knowing when to walk away.

Ultimately, there is always an understanding or insight to be realized, utilized, or shared. There is always a “gift!”

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Sandee Traeger
Sandee Traeger is the owner of Wisdom and Wings near Avon, MN. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and IET Master Instructor/Practitioner. Sandee is also a Distributor of the Richway Amethyst Bio-Mat (wisdomandwings.biomatnetwork.com) and Young Living Essential Oils.


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