Finding Your Way


eisen“Show me the way…please!” Have you ever said or thought that? Some people sit in uncertainty, stressed out or empty. They know there’s more to life, but they can’t seem to find “the way” for themselves or their life. They read self-help books, go to motivational seminars, but their heart isn’t going there with them. If you’re one of them, you may be inspired for about two minutes before you go back to what you were doing before. Then here it comes…the self-criticism or beating up on yourself for not being able to change using the tools available to you – if you use them at all.

It’s not your fault. Well, at least not totally. We’ve all experienced good intentions, putting our best foot forward, then sliding back into familiarity.

Many people have never chosen to spend time on themselves. They’ll fix or tune-up their car when it needs it, clean or paint a room in their home when it needs it or help family or friends when they need it. But, they don’t even think about fixing or tuning-up themselves or cleaning out the blocks that stop them in their tracks when they need it. They haven’t realized that they are as important, if not more important, than the car, home, family or friends. They don’t understand yet that you are here for your soul’s growth. They miss the “big picture,” that they are the “bigger picture.”

Some look for a life coach, get lots of cool tools and lists to fill out and even get to actually feeling like they’ve gotten to what it is they want to do with their life – only to slide back to familiarity and their comfort zone. Over and over! Why?

Because one huge thing is missing. What stopped you from doing what you wanted to do in the first place? That’s the real question that needs to be asked, answered and cleared or released. When I mentioned that it is not totally your fault, it is because 90 percent of your life is run by your unconscious, and if it’s unconscious, how can you be at fault if you don’t know what’s stopping you? I’m aware that we create our own reality, but if you’re not creating a reality you like, what is stopping you? Most likely it is your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and judgments about everything, including yourself.

Many have waited and waited for something or someone new to show them The Way. In truth, “the way” can only be your way, yet you may want guidance in finding it. Sometimes my clients just wish I would tell them what to do. But, in truth, no one can. No one knows your soul’s desire; no one knows your path. But don’t worry, you can be guided back to yourself, or what I like to call your selfness.

When I am working with clients using my Life Guidance Coachingâ„¢ program, it focuses on clearing the blocks so they experience clarity. When you experience clarity, then you can start accessing your soul’s desire in greater depths with fun, excitement, enjoyment and anticipation! Many of my clients were on the brink of despair before finding and living their passion or starting their own business in less than 60 days. Living their way.

It is not just about finding your passion. Life Guidance Coachingâ„¢ also is about finding and releasing the blocks that may be holding you back. This is the number one way that I have found to help my clients not fall back into familiarity or their comfort zone, because the cause of why they didn’t do it in the first place is no longer an issue.

Helping you find your way will be, for you, The Way. It can be much easier than you think.

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Kim Eisen is a Life Breakthrough Success Coach and Experienced and Intuitive Master of EFT "Tapping." She has helped hundreds of clients to heal their emotional wounds and create a more abundant life since 1999. Kim is a co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, et al., in the book Wake Up: Live the Life you Love - Finding Personal Freedom. She is the creator of many programs and seminars like "Get Rid of My Stuff," "Transcend," "Attraction Today" and "Shortcut to Success." Get your Free "Easy EFT - Quick Start Guide" at Set up a free 15-minute chat with Kim at or call 612.802.4325.


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