Pride, egotism challenge the charismatic Leos


moonrabbitDuring the last week of July and most of August, with the arrival of the full warmth of summer, the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, becomes prominent in the heavens. The symbol of the Lion implies those born under this sign are leaders, sometimes rulers in government, business leaders and famous performers. No matter what their station in life, Leo individuals are graced with a warm outgoing personality, abundant creativity and a feeling of being special – or at least wanting to be special.

Being a fixed fire sign gives these people great staying power along with enthusiasm, extroversion and a need for action. Leo people have “personality” and are generous and warm, usually having lots of friends and often being the life of the party. Their creativity can be found in the arts, particularly performance arts, creative business ventures and even in their ability to be wonderful parents.

Another way to understand the sign Leo is through the symbol of the Child. Children are playful, naturally loving and trusting; able to be very giving, yet they need tremendous amounts of attention. They know how to be in the present moment, live life to the fullest and experience joy and happiness. Adult Leos have these same gifts, but they must learn to temper them with tolerance for differences, compromise and realism.

The shadow side of Leo is too much pride, egotism and an inability to acknowledge mistakes. Being ruled by the Sun, the center of our Solar System gives Leo people a sense of being central to everything. In fact, at times they can lose perspective, thinking that everything revolves around them. Fixed signs can be stubborn and Leo individuals can have difficulty seeing beyond their own perspective.

Two out of the last three presidents of the U.S. have been Leos. Bill Clinton is famous for his statement, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – a clear indication of his unwillingness to admit to his mistakes. Our current president Barack Obama definitely exudes the personal power and charisma of Leo and has shown amazing perseverance in his political career. We are too early in his career as president to know much more.

Leo individuals have a need to shine, to find something at which they excel, be it grand or small, and then happiness is not far behind.

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