Seven Excuses and Correcting Affirmations from Excuses Begone!

If you attempt to figure out how your Source of being (God) thinks, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the ego. When you observe how creation takes place, you see that Source energy is all about giving, while your ego is all about getting. So aligning with Source energy means taking the focus off of “What’s in it for me?” and shifting to “How may I serve?”

When you say “gimme, gimme, gimme” to the universe, it uses the Law of Attraction to say, “gimme, gimme, gimme” to you. You subsequently feel pressured, put-upon, and out of sorts because so many demands are being made of you. It is out of this vortex that you create excuses that only serve to keep you stuck and striving to meet the ego’s demands: “I’m not strong enough…I don’t deserve it…I don’t have the energy…I’m scared…It’s too big…” and on and on. Shift to a new alignment now, one that puts you in rapport with the creative universal mind.

You can begin by thinking like God, and follow up by acting like God. Take the focus off of gimme, gimme, gimme and place it on “How may I serve? What may I offer? How can I help?” When you do, the universe will respond similarly, asking, “How may I serve you? What may I offer you? How can I help you?”

Excuse: It will be difficult.
Affirmation: With God, all things are possible.

Excuse: It’s going to be risky.
Affirmation: I cannot fail when I trust in the wisdom that created me.

Excuse: It will take a long time.
Affirmation: There is only now. I live fully in the present.

Excuse: I don’t deserve it.
Affirmation: Everyone deserves the grace of the Tao.

Excuse: I can’t afford it.
Affirmation: If I stay in God realization, all that I need will be provided.

Excuse: No one will help me.
Affirmation: How may I serve others so that they may have what I desire?

Excuse: I’m too busy.
Affirmation: With infinite patience, I produce immediate results.

Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. is published by Hay House is available at all bookstores or online at

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  1. This guy is amazing. Excuse be gone sounds like a great book I’m going to check it out. This statement is incredible… You can begin by thinking like God, and follow up by acting like God.

    Also what if we all that this declaration as our business charter? How may I serve you? What may I offer you? How can I help you?

    Great stuff!


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