Reclaiming Our Sexual Wholeness


    graceAs we align ourselves with the accelerating planetary shifts, everything that is not about love is being asked to be transformed in our bodies, our energy fields, our lives and our relationships. While we cannot effectively ignore these shadowy parts of ourselves, we can recognize them and then release or integrate them.

    Acknowledging the lost, sad, shameful, forgotten parts of ourselves is the first step in reclaiming our sexual wholeness. As we embrace and then release that which no longer serves us, we create spaciousness for the inherent expansiveness of love to fill our beings. We begin to love all of ourselves, not just the shiny aspects that we are projecting to the world. As we fully accept and appreciate ourselves, compassion flows from us effortlessly.

    Sometimes we hold shame and guilt in our sexual center, remnants of childhood events that imprinted us well before we could make informed choices. Childhood wounding of our parents and grandparents may potentially be passed down through the generations, or perhaps we have been impacted by the sexual repression prevalent in our culture.

    We can choose to shift the patterns now using some of the many new paradigm tools which are showing up to assist us. I would like to share two of them with you here.

    The first is called Rapid Accessing. The intention of this process is to quickly access, feel and move intense emotions, whether they feel negative or positive, creating psychic and emotional space in our energy field and body. There is no need to “get to the core” or even to know why the emotion is being felt…simply using the body to release the energy creates amazing shifts in perception. Connecting with a story that is alive in us right now to generate the emotional content, we then use specific sounds and movements while fully experiencing the intensity that allows the energy to exit and disperse. We start with intention to not hurt ourselves, anyone else or the physical space. We can do this alone or have someone hold a  neutral witnessing space for us, and we always contain the energies until there is an appropriate time and space to process them. This technique is most effective when used as soon as possible after an event that generates strong feelings.

    The second is Somatic Sexual Healing. Caroline Muir, founder of the Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute, has developed an expansive sexual healing modality called NAH: Nurturing, Awakening and Healing. There is a whole new generation of healers who address the sexual center in a therapeutic context, assisting people in releasing held energies that are no longer serving their highest options. It is not necessary to have a history of abuse or trauma to receive benefit from this type of healing. We are all impacted to some degree by the collective sexual shadow that is perpetuated in our society through the use of sex to advertise all manner of goods and services, not to mention the repression of sexuality by religious organizations over the past two centuries.

    As we release shame and guilt and learn to honor our bodies as sacred temples, we reclaim our birthright as ecstatic spiritual sexual beings.

    As part of the Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute, Amrita Divine Grace will be presenting a weekend workshop Sept. 25-27 (assisted by Apollo of Core Light, LLC) in St. Paul called “Reclaiming Our Sexual Wholeness.” Rapid Accessing and NAH will be explored in depth, as well as inviting and embracing heart connection with others in a Friday evening Puja. Separate men’s and women’s circles will meet for a half day on Saturday, as well. To learn more about the workshop, visit

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    Amrita Grace
    Amrita Grace of Maui, HI and Minneapolis is the author of "Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness." Amrita is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, High Priestess, and an Intimacy and Relationship Coach. Amrita assists men, women, and couples in integrating their sexuality into their whole being through intimacy coaching, energy work, somatic therapeutic sexual healing, women's circles, workshops, and loving, compassionate presence. Phone, Skype, and in-person sessions are available.


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