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raySondra Ray, known as one of the most eclectic spiritual leaders of the day, blends ancient wisdom with practical training to transform relationships to a more divine level. Recognized as a spiritual teacher, author, rebirther, lecturer and healer, she and her husband Mark, a healer and poet, will visit the Twin Cities August 20-22 with classes that encompass much of what she presents throughout the world:

  • On Thursday, Aug. 20, they will present the Ho O pono pono prayers, ancient Hawaiian wisdom that is a process to right all errors, create balance, make right any stressful relationships or situations and strengthens through spiritual cleansing, releasing, transmuting and understanding.
  • On Friday, Aug. 21, they will present a spiritual healing class in which “The Ultimate Truth Process” is taught. Sondra is a devoted student of the Master Avatar Babaji, and she will teach how to clear yourself of ailments and apply spiritual healing techniques to your life.
  • On Saturday, Aug. 22, they will present “The Spiritual Laws of Money,” a seminar that will help you clear beliefs, patterns and thoughts that block you from receiving. Prayers and processes will help you connect to the Divine and to your own innate abundance.
  • On Sunday, Aug. 23, the focus is on “Miracle Consciousness.” Sondra and Mark will discuss the meaning of A Course in Miracles, Babaji and the Divine Mother.

Sondra Ray was launched into international acclaim in the 1970s as one of the pioneers of the Rebirthing experience. She has trained thousands of people all over the world and is considered one of the foremost experts on how the birth trauma affects one’s body, relationships, career and life. As she puts it, “this breathing process produces extraordinary results because as one takes in the light, all else is revealed and let go of – thus one’s heart is open to receive love, peace and joy.” She has a B.S. degree in Nursing from the University of Florida College of Nursing and a Masters Degree in Public Health and Family Sociology from the University of Arizona. She was trained as a Nurse Practitioner in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Early on she worked in the Peace Corps and was stationed in Peru. Sondra has a private healing practice in Marina Del Rey, CA.

While teaching abroad, she conducted an interview with The Edge about her mission in life.

Sondra, one of your stated goals is to always try to bring about a higher consciousness. Please describe your insight on the evolution of human consciousness during the past nine years, and specifically, what is taking place now.
There has been an influx of light coming in more and more over these years and this is raising the vibration and frequency of the whole planet and each person open to it. The male and female energies also are becoming more balanced, which is a great thing.

All this, however, has caused a purging of anything unlike itself. The economic crisis is a cleansing of the old paradigm. We need new paradigms in society and relationships, and I have been teaching about new paradigms in relationships and the new frequency.

It is an exciting time to be alive. On the negative side, there could be more earth changes. On the positive side, one can make thousands of years of spiritual progress each year now.

Why are you motivated to change the paradigm in relationships around the world? What shift are you inspired to create?
If the planet is ascending, we have to ascend also. Relationships have gone about as far as they can go in the old paradigm. If you want to know what the old paradigm is, just look at your parents’ relationships and the soap operas. People all over the world need help with this shift.

The new paradigm is about having a spiritual partnership where you are together for the evolution of your souls and each person in the relationship takes responsibility for their results coming from their own thoughts. This is a relationship that is holy and one of peace. There is no anger, no fighting, no conflicts. At least that is the goal.  This can be learned.

What is your take on the indigenous prophecies surrounding the year 2012 and how do the seemingly massive changes taking place now in our lives relate to that?
Most people know that 2012 is a turning point. The reason the Mayan calender ends then is that the great Mayan “seers” could not “see” anything past 2012. That is because the planet will have ascended to the new dimension and they could not see that dimension. All the changes we are seeing ARE related to that. We are shifting from the old 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension.

You are known as a pioneer of the Rebirthing Experience. Describe this process for those who are unaware of it, and how has this experience been updated and refined over the years?
Rebirthing is a spiritual purification process made possible by breathing in a certain way. It is connecting the inhale and the exhale in a relaxed intuitive rhythm. It is a safe and gentle process that releases accumulated negativity back to and including birth. Through this process, unwanted behavior patterns are revealed and released and the heart opens so that you can receive more love, peace and abundance. Rebirthing is a powerful healing tool on mental , emotional, spiritual and physical levels. The purpose, in my opinion, ultimately is to help produce enlightenment when one replaces the ego’s thought system with the Holy Spirit’s thought system.

My work with the Rebirthing Experience is becoming more and more spiritual in nature. I am integrating the power of the Divine Mother in my work now.

You are known as a healer. Is there a common cause of pain in the human experience? How does spirituality affect that underlying cause?
Spirituality heals the cause of pain. We say that all pain is the effort involved in clinging to a negative thought. It is my job to help the client locate the thoughts that are causing the pain and help them release them. We rebirthers are trained especially to find out what is hidden in the subconscious. This is the culprit.  One needs a method to see the subconscious negative thoughts that are hanging one up! Rebirthing is one way to bring the subconscious to the conscious safely. Then you can change it.

What spiritual master or guide informs your life, and can you share a personal sacred experience you have had with this master or guide?
I like this question because I love to talk about my Master Babaji. He is actually a maha avatar, which means he was not born of a woman. He materialized his body. He can also dematerialize, so he can come and go. Yogananda talked about him in the Autobiography of a Yogi. I once experienced him bi-locating.  He appeared to me in the flesh in Mt. Shasta, CA, while he was at the same time in India at his ashram called Herakhan. I take people every year with me to India to his ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Ammachi is my female teacher. She is the real Divine Mother and everyone should try to see her. Go to her website [] and look at her tour schedule. She is the hugging saint and has been known to hug thousands of people in one sitting without even getting up!

My other master is Jesus, the source of A Course In Miracles, which, in my opinion, is the most important work in 2,000 years. It is a correction of religion, and the sooner you start it the better. Why postpone enlightenment? All the answers to all questions are in there.

What are you most hopeful about with regard to our collective future we are now creating?
Peace and harmony and a world that works for everyone.

Please share your insight on a daily tip or ritual that can help each of us remain in balance during these changing times.
I do the following rituals every day with my husband – and they work. We get up at 6 a.m. and walk for an hour while doing mantras on our mala beads. We say OmNamahaShivaya while walking. This is the highest thought in the universe, according to Babaji. We also do other private mantras given to us by Babaji and Ammachi. Then we come home and bathe and then we do Ho O Pono Pono, a Hawaiian ritual that we will teach at this Minnesota event. Then we read A Course in Miracles out loud.  I highly recommend all of this.

For details on the Sondra Ray event in Minnesota Aug. 20-23, contact Lee Beaty at 612.721.7108 or email For more information on Sondra Ray, visit



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