Treat yourself as creative, resourceful and whole


coachingWhat if I treated myself as creative? What would that look like? I know I have creativity in me. I just do not acknowledge it at times and mostly, I do not see it or feel it. As a Spiritual Life Coach, I have had to look at this for myself and see my clients as creative.

The book that helped me do this is Take Time For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson. She says, “Step 1: If you think ‘selfish’ is a dirty word, learn to practice extreme self-care – put yourself at the top of the list and everyone else will benefit.” To me creativity begins with self-care.

What if I had all the tools I need to be resourceful? The Handbook of Coaching by Frederic Hudson tops the list for resourceful. It is a comprehensive resource guide for managers, executives, consultants and human resource professionals.

Hudson says: “Long recognized as a key ingredient for success, professional coaching is a fundamental element to any winning game plan. In the world of business, just as in the world of sport, a skilled coach can instill a sense of optimism and hope, giving adults the tools they need to evolve and to perform at higher levels – and to become more competent on the job and fulfilled in their personal lives.”

The section that appealed to me most was “Being Coaching vs. Doing Coaching.” If we will Be who we came to Be, and let the doing flow from that, our lives are a joy to live.

If I could “discover what matters most to me, stop chasing success and let it find me, get the promotion I deserve, organize my desk, my closet and my life,” would I feel whole? I consider Thomas Leonard the father of Life Coaching. He wrote the book called The Portable Coach. It describes 28 sure-fire strategies for business and personal success. This book has a spiritual and holistic approach to life with lots of practical, usable coaching techniques.

I trust these tools will assist you to know you are already creative, resourceful and whole.

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