Two Realities : One Life


Holy moly, welcome to August already and the on-going, ever-morphing energies of 2009. The late spring and early summer energies were pushy, demanding, relentless, unequivocal and challenging on multiple levels. I hesitate to say were, since plenty of challenges remain, but at least I’m starting to feel like things are moving into my life again. I would say that I’m finally having an energetic thaw in terms of feeling enough energy moving to get me off my recliner, but now that I’m up I tend to space off almost everything as soon as I get distracted by the next loud noise or pretty color.

This is progress? Perhaps the upside is I also space off any memory of the screw-up from the previous spacing off, so at least I have that going for me. I also have noticed that I focus most easily on fun and interesting things (and pretty colors and loud noises), and everything else has reached a new level of drudgery.

As I write this we have only finished one week of July, but our move into summer brings a new phase of our transformation, and we are definitely engaged in the process. One hallmark of the spring phase was a lack of interest in almost anything. Maybe we did what we had to do, but enthusiasm and focus was hard to come by for many of us. A quality of this new phase is feeling like we’re somewhere between worlds with not so much attachment to the old ways, but not much clarity about where we’re headed.

The geek in me would say that we’re installing the beta version of the new operating system, and I’m sure we’ll feel better when the first version is officially is released. Then again, where we’re headed is consciously creative not unconsciously reactive, so we have no need to reference anything beyond the infamous moment. So, time goes away. You may have noticed its recession.

People in the vanguard of this transition continue to do deep work accompanied by some major rewiring. At Lightsmith we’re using the word fusion to describe how various parts are coming together to create new forms. As one example, we see changes and fusion in the chakra system creating new nodes that are part of an operating system “upgrade.” Who knows what is next or what the merged hu-man is to fully become.

In my view, the intention within consciousness has always been to evolve a body in which a more full presence of soul could be merged. This is the essence of metaphors such as the creation of heaven on earth. It has never been about something happening outside us, but is about what we are becoming. I see that merger as the core activity of these times, which leads to our numerous processes of releasing what doesn’t compute in the new system.

We can’t take with us into our new experience anything not belonging to us or not of Essence. All our healing work has been clearing the way for something new to be. As soul and body fuse more deeply, our physical self rises to meet spirit. Some call it ascension, but soul embodiment works as well, since there is also a descending of spirit into form.

I see two realities on earth right now with different operating systems running. One is old and disassembling (just watch the news) and one is new and growing in presence every day, though less visible on the surface. The choice is which one to live within. I have been “politely” told more than once that it is good to have a vision of what can be, but that I must deal with reality. I am dealing with reality, which for me is choosing to participate in the world that is birthing, not the one that is dying. As I see it, the new operating system is established, real and accessible and available for all who choose it. This is The Edge, and that is where we now find ourselves.



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