What is This?

The undeniable pull to exit from the construct
The inevitable influx of the shifting paradigm
Where do you stand?
In any of this
The disguise of freedom is masked with overlays
Of purpose and cause, reason and rhyme
Do you really want to be part of this flurry of distractions?
Are the layers apparent?
The thickness of it
Its density…
Wipe it off
Release…let it go…walk away
Detach from….
Create the new model w/o the glue
What is any of this anyway? Whose idea was it?
Wouldn’t your reality work better?
I have twisted and turned this reality out of shape
And reshaped it for myself
And now upon approach…it crumbles
And in my wake…is destroyed
When you have time; come and play with me in humanity’s desolate field of dreams
I have cleared it thus
And made room and space
I have not time to wait for the heralds of apocalypse and time’s end
I have already started all over
And cleaned my hands with responsibility
I have excavated myself and dug myself up and discarded my-self with the trash
So tainted it was with the commercial viability like scabs on rotting flesh
So I carry what is left like an empty chalice
Waiting to discard
Any idea or notion
That may arise out of the ashes
I wait longer still…
To see if a phoenix attempts
Good…there is no stirring
I will wait longer still
Until I forget this all…like an unread story….on a shelf passed by



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