What would Love Say?


Each month, this column features a “Message from Love” with an action step and meditation. Each message gives examples of what Love might say and do in various circumstances. So, whenever you find yourself feeling scared, angry, or uncomfortable, instead of letting fear have its way, practice asking yourself:

What would Love Say?
Love is in the air. Breathe it in!

What would Love do?
Make it your spiritual practice for a week to imagine Love is all around you. Breathe Love in. Remind yourself by attaching a sticky note of the above quote on your mirror or dashboard.

Meditation on Love:
Sit quietly for 10 minutes. Place your hand on your heart and breathe gently in and out. As you inhale, gently whisper the beautiful word, “Love.” Feel Love as you breathe deeply in and out of your heart. Let Love soothe every part of your body and the fearful or judging thoughts in your mind. Let Love heal you.

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