As You Change and Heal, Others do so, too


    Gary won’t talk to Mark. Kim submits to Gary. Doug no longer speaks to Mark. Paul just recently ended his friendship with Mark. Mark’s wife left him a few months ago after 30 years of marriage. No explanation. Mark, a soft gentle Piscean type, is bereft and confused by the emptiness in his life. Reaching, yet lost.

    nygardPaul no longer speaks to Don. Sherri has Don in her cellphone as “Sicko” and no longer takes his calls. Sherri’s boyfriend Charlie puts up with Don’s intrusive, assumptive calls. Charlie beat Sherrie. Sherrie went to the women’s shelter where they took pictures.

    Bruce beat Peggy. One hundred stitches on her face, bruised ribs and elsewhere. Bruce will be doing time in jail. Peggy will finally let go of Bruce. While I don’t condone one person beating another, I don’t condone the choice to stay. Peggy’s previous husband beat her, as well. I have observed ongoing choices on her part to condone abuse towards animals, to disregard the red flags of abuse, to choose to stay in a destructive situation rather than to choose self-respect. Peggy has a space around her now where there once was destructive behavior. What will she fill it with? Sherrie went back to Charlie, bruises, body aches, pains and all.

    Barb and Harlow are no longer speaking to their friends Bob and Myrtle. Another old-timer neighbor successfully drove a wedge in between the longtime friends. An element of darkness held sway there. Barb commented that Myrtle was two-faced anyway. The couples used to meet daily for coffee in the afternoon. I’d see one couple driving over to the other’s house when I was out for walks. There is a space now in all of their lives.

    The mailman still speaks to everyone. Except when his girlfriend, who has a dark bent, intervenes between him and those he can trust.

    This area where I live, a poor-man’s up-north ’70s development, called Enchanted Lakes, just as easily rings to Disenchanted Lakes. This state of impasse among many of the relations is a remarkable space to be in. A light-hearted comedy in a sense, which apparently will shift at some point as an evolution of the energies occurs. Here is what the Divine Beings apparently guiding my life have to contribute:

    “We want those who seek Higher Light to recognize that the Self is stable in all situations. Whether in a state of connections to others or disconnections from others, the Self is whole and intact. It is by the pulling apart that one learns who one is, even if it is painful, unfamiliar in the process. The Self is meant to grow. Impasse with one person can lead to impasse with another. It is a state of disease, socially. On the other hand, ‘passe’ with one person can lead to ‘passe’ with another. Change and heal the connections in your lives, and by doing so you will be contributing the influence of growth and healing to others. This particular region that Felisha speaks of will eventually grow and change. Gary and Kim have already gone through a healing process, that while not public, has permitted more growth in their marriage, which was at the point of falling apart.

    “Continue to grow, and contribute your growth as a gift to the planet, to the community of friends you share. What you have to contribute among others is your light of growth. Share equally and joyously. Make fun of the growth process, of its difficulties and pain. Humor is the ease that gets you through. Open up to the higher realms. We are waiting for intervention opportunities, real moments when we can download light and transformation and change. Sometimes this healing light only comes through a healing process, such as a crisis; but it can be opened up via light vials, accessed on a regular basis, sparing you the difficulty in transition that many of you share in common. Open up to the this light on a regular basis, call it in, share it with others, and move through your growth patterns in a joyful, voluntary way. This is one way to enjoy growth, by embracing life and the change that it has to bring.

    “Thank you for this opportunity to share. We look forward to connecting with those seeking Higher Light.”

    Are you ready to move through any impasses around you? What will you fill the space with? The time is now to put down new roots and plant for a preferred future, the time is now to live in a preferred moment. What does your preferred moment look like? Allow yourself to receive it, to open to the gift of a new vibration in your being. It is available, waiting for you.

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    Theresa Annette Nygard
    Theresa Annette Nygard leads spiritual growth groups in the Twin Cities, and is co-founder of the Spirit Unlimited, an organization which supports the leaders, teachers and healers in the spiritual awareness movement. She can be reached at 612-270-3312, [email protected],


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