Connecting to My Soul


The last thing my grandmother ever said to me was “And I love you!” in the special way she always did. Really, that’s all there is – love. My roots are deeply embedded there, entwined with silly things, simple things and sometimes sad things, but nourished nonetheless with love. Love in its infinite manifestations, ever present, ready to remind me of where I come from. Both subtle and majestic expressions of love to connect, center and uplift.

I find my most sacred moments in nature, in foreign lands, in my living room. The 5 a.m. haunting call to prayer floating down the backwaters in Kerala, India. Under the lush canopy of the Amazon jungle, leaves bursting with ripeness, air hot and wet. A cool Mediterranean breeze on over-sunned arms at twilight. The light in my baby’s eyes and her impish grin when she wants to play, giggles lighting up the room.

Other ways I connect and go home in my heart: Curling up with a good novel like a lazy cat. Returning to my childhood home and hearing the lilting voice of the Lakota. Quiet evenings spent alone pondering, journaling and being still. Walking by the river or passing hours in front of the ocean. Nights spent listening to rain.

Joyfully, my work not only connects me to the divine essence of my soul, but helps others align with their souls, too. As a channel for Reiki energy, I experience pure unconditional love and teach others to do the same. Connecting with the Divine Matrix reminds me of the creator that I am and the possibilities that stretch into infinity. Accessing the Akashic Records brings forth clarity, wisdom and healing.

In these my soul is not only connected, but alive and vibrant, delighting, and I am aligned with Love.

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Dawn Marian
Dawn Marian is an Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher and founder of the Radiant Heart School of Transformation. Her classes teach how to tap into your inner wisdom, release karma, heal trauma, and live a divinely guided life.



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