The Human Gift to the Universe


Thank goodness! Finally! Human beings and human doings have spent enough time in the dark. This universe has spent enough time in the dark.

Human beings have accepted that death is a part of living the human experience. When a human life is over, we slip into the spirit world, which is supposed to be more awesome than this physical human world. But how could that be, if so many have returned time and time again to experience this physical human world? It would suggest there has got to be more to this historical moment than those in the spirit world have even understood.

I believe the human body is a physical energy of this universe that has the ability to transform darker energies – conscious energies of this universe that have existed in a place of confusion and uncertainty for a very long universal moment. The human body’s vulnerability and susceptibility to the confusion, uncertainty, control, manipulation and fear associated with these old universal conscious energies is coming to an end.

The human body, through the human experience, has been dissolving and transforming the old energy of this universe. The dualistic battle between the Desire to BE and the Need to DO has been waged, and I believe the Desire to Be is winning the war as we near 2013 and enter a new Earth era.

The sleepwalkers
I have often referred to human beings and human doings as sleepwalkers. A person who is sleepwalking believes he/she knows what they are doing and where they are going. When the sleepwalker is asked while they are still in their sleepwalking adventure, he/she will often explain where they are going and what they are doing. When the sleepwalker is startled into waking up, they are often totally lost as to what they were doing and how they got there.

I believe this is essentially what has been going on for centuries and centuries here on planet Earth. Human beings and human doings have been walking around believing they are awake and interacting with each other accordingly – convinced, just like the sleepwalker, that what they are doing is important and holds significance.

Yes, I am suggesting you are one of the unconscious human sleepwalkers.

Why do you suppose there is a conscious awakening taking place? I am very consciously aware that I was unconscious for 44 years of my life. The majority of humanity has had to be in a sleepwalking mode so we could be in an environment to transform the old and often dark, confused energies of consciousness that were created in the earliest moment of this universe’s beginning.

What is the human purpose? To be used, abused, killed, maimed and tortured by each other, as well as experience diseases, plagues and horrific atrocities in the name of an unseen, invisible and unconfirmable judgmental God. We would have to be blind, dumb, sleeping, unaware, foolish and easily manipulatable to ever choose to be a part of this barbaric environment. All objectivity has to be thrown out the window to comply with perspectives and belief structures that are fed to us by others in the spirit realm that subsequently have been influencing human thought and possessing and controlling many human minds with what we are told is a universal truth.

Why? Because the human body was created to be a physical and spirit energy transforming power plant, with unique characteristics and abilities that have intrigued and captured the limited understanding of the spirit world. Yes, I say limited understanding. Kind of like the Trojan Horse. They have embraced it, without fully understanding the full significance of what it holds within.

Every human being that has ever walked upon this Earth has been possessed by energy he and she did not understand. Possession is so much more than poltergeist, ghosts or dark energies of the unknown. Most human beings do not desire to consider that they have been possessed or are currently possessed by something they do not understand. But how else is the human body going to transform all of these old universal energies. Just like the electrical transformer, the energy that goes in is not the same as the energy that comes out.

It has been written that human beings have regressed into a three-dimensional (3D) reality. I will suggest that there are some who have actually ventured even farther back in to the 2D reality, and there is a handful who have ventured back into the consciousness of the 1D reality.

Actually, there are Five here in human bodies who are capable of standing in that energy and not be consumed by it. Why? How else are those very old energies going to be transformed? If the connection is not made, the old unseen energies will continue to exist. How can we move forward if the old is not transformed? The skeletons in the universe’s closet would continue to haunt and possess everyone in ways only Five in the universe have been aware was happening!

I share this one thought, understanding as sleepwalkers what you have been taught. God was not and never has been one of the Five. But believe what you want to believe. It is your choice.

For hundreds of thousands of years, human bodies have slowly been transforming these old and forgotten universal energies of the past and previous moments. Human beings are now at a point in the process of awakening where the pace has quickened. If human beings were to be shaken awake like a sleepwalker, extreme and unnecessary disorientation and confusion would effect ALL human life. So it is, we are evolving forward in an accelerated pace and transforming the old simultaneously.

As we near 2013 and continue to move forward, the task for which the human experience was created is coming to a completion. What is planned for the human experience thousands of years after 2013 will be a gift of appreciation, unlike any other moment that has ever existed!

Sountatra = Elegance Beyond Imagination!

This is not the end my friends, this is just the beginning!

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Ricki Lee Schuster
Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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