An Encounter with Max, the Crystal Skull


Legend has it that there are 13 authentic pieces of quartz crystal shaped in the form of a human skull and that one day, they will all be rediscovered and brought together so their collective wisdom can be accessed for the benefit of humanity. It is said that authentic crystal skulls can heal the sick and provide visions and insight while in their presence.

Max-the-Crystal-SkullTelevised programs, such as “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls,” feature claims that link the skulls to life on Mars, Atlantis and the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Crystal skulls have been featured in video games, novels, science fiction television shows and even the 2008 adventure film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which involves 13 alien crystal skeletons that speak in an ancient Mayan dialect and merge to form one extraterrestrial being.

The largest ancient crystal skull known to humanity at this time is called Max, the Texas Crystal Skull. Reportedly 36,000 years old, Max was found in Guatemala and was given by indigenous healers there to an American healer who had become a Red Hat lama in Tibetan Buddhism. Max was relocated to Houston, Texas, and before the lama passed away, it was given to JoAnn Parks. She says the lama extended the life of her young daughter by three years following the diagnosis of bone cancer.

The crystal skull, meanwhile, sat in a box in her closet for nearly 10 years. And then it began to make itself known.

In the beginning

“It just kind of telepathically spoke to me in dreams,” Mrs. Parks said in a telephone interview with The Edge. “I just said, ‘Oh, man, I’m going crazy! That rock over there in that closet it talking to me.’ So, I go to the closet and I can feel the energy pulling me, and it said, ‘You haven’t found the man.’ So, I took my foot and put it a little bit further back in the closet and threw some more pillows on it, and said, ‘I’m going to put you downstairs in the other closet.’

“So, the first connection was him trying to wake me up.”

She could sense that the skull was asking her to find a particular man who could shed light on the skull’s significance, and synchronistically, she happened to turn on the television one morning. It was 1987.

“The show was called ‘Good Morning Houston,’ and there was another skull looking at me, and all I could think of, ‘Oh, my gosh! Another talking rock!.'”

The program featured a group from the UFO Contact Center in Arizona who had 50 objects in a van. They said the program could show viewers two objects from the van, one an Egyptian bust and the other a crystal skull. Mrs. Parks called the station, informed them that she also had a crystal skull that was given to her by a monk and that it came from Central America. They promptly arrived at her doorstep to see what she had.

“They looked at it and started joking and poking, and said, ‘Look what she has in a box in the closet!’ And, they said, ‘You don’t know what you have do you?’

“And I said, ‘Well, no. If I did, I wouldn’t have called you.’

“He said, ‘Well, take it to the Houston Museum.’ So, I boxed it back up, took it over to the Houston Museum. Same thing.

” ‘Oh, you’ve got something rare there.’

“I said, ‘Yeah, I heard that yesterday.’ But they kept saying, ‘But you really have a rare one.’ And I had no idea no clue of what they were talking about.

“He said, ‘But, we don’t know any researchers and we don’t know how they are made and where they actually come from. We will put it on display.’

“And then I thought, ‘No, you know, you don’t know what it is, and I don’t know what it is, I don’t think I’ll put him on display. I’m going to take him back home.’

“So, I boxed him back up, brought him back home, put him back in the closet, patted it on the head, and then I just looked at it and said, ‘One of these days, skull, I’ll find the man.’

“And that’s when he telepathically conveyed to me very loudly and clearly. He said, ‘By the way, my name is not Skull. My name is Max.’ So, I jumped up and looked at him and said, ‘Holy Moley, I got a rock in a box in a closet, and he’s got a name!’

“I told my husband, ‘That skull talks to me,’ and he looked at me and said, ‘What’s the matter with you, woman? Have you taken a leave of your senses?’ And, then I said, ‘No, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding.’

The rest of the story

But Max would not leave Mrs. Parks alone. He kept at her to contact the television station to get the name of a contact who would know something about crystal skulls. Eventually, she was told about F.R. “Nick” Nocerino of Northern California, one of the world’s foremost experts on crystal skulls. He passed away in 2004, but is noted for being the only person in modern history to have worked with and handled nine human-sized crystal skulls.

After describing Max to Mr. Nocerino over the phone, the crystal skull expert declared, “You got the skull with the white cap.”

The white cap is the solid white portion of crystal on the side of Max’s head, the place where the original quartz crystal began growing. Mr. Nocerino explained that with the white matrix on the top of the skull, it acts as an amplifier to all of the other pieces of crystals around it.

“Nick Nocerino had a boyhood vision, and in this boyhood vision he envisioned one master skull surrounded by 12 smaller skulls, and that master skull contained all the wisdom and information of the other 12,” Mrs. Parks said. “Then the legend grew and grew and grew. People today don’t know that Nick Nocerino is the one who started all the crystal skull research over 65 years ago. Other people try to take credit for it, where the credit is really due to Nick Nocerino.”

In 1996, Mr. Nocerino was invited to the British Museum in London to participate in scientific authenticity examinations. Among the skulls examined were the Smithsonian Crystal Skull (which arrived at the museum anonymously in 1992), the British Museum Skull (once known as the Aztec Skull acquired from Tiffany’s in 1897), Max, and a crystal skull Sha Na Ra, named in memory of a shaman healer, which was discovered in 1995 at an archaeological dig in Mexico when Mr. Nocerino’s intuitively asked that someone dig in a specific location.

The examinations looked at each skull microscopically to determine whether any marks existed to determine whether the skulls were carved with contemporary tools. It was determined that the Smithsonian Crystal Skull and the British Museum Skull were carved with contemporary equipment.

“When they got to Max and the skull called Sha Na Ra, they refused to comment,” Mrs. Parks said. “In fact, on national TV they said, “No comment.” Mr. Nocerino noted that while some deny testing ever took place on those two skulls, no evidence of modern tool marks could be found on Max or on Sha Na Ra.

Mrs. Parks said research by Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University, a paleontologist and Egyptologist, indicated that the crystal that formed Max was grown very deep in the Earth, with five separate crystals overlaid to form the skull.

“He said that this cannot ever be reproduced, and he said it doesn’t appear to him like that stone had been picked by accident. It looks like it’s been picked by purpose and intent by the way it directs energy.”

The energy of Max

“I have all kinds of strange energy pictures now that Max is starting to give off,” Mrs. Parks said. “One of them shows a spinal cord coming up. A man was sitting in front of Max, and the spinal cord comes up, with vertebrae and discs in it, and Max superimposes his head on top of it, and it shows a spot where the man had hurt his back. And Max healed his back.

“There was a man who crushed his arm, and he would have to have it amputated. Doctors had put pins in his arm. This guy didn’t even believe in this stuff, and his wife picked me up in Oakland and we went over to their home in Fresno. We got Max out and we set it upon the little console. The man kept looking over at it and looking over at it, and he reached over there and put his hand over the top of Max, and he kind of sat there with it over the top of Max for three hours. And he said, after that, a few days later, he started feeling strange feelings in that hand.

“He went to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘What have you been doing? These pins are coming out. We’ve got to take this out. It’s well.’ And so this made a believer out of this man, and he comes and sees Max every time I’m in Fresno.

“I’ve had people tell me that they went in and they couldn’t bend over, and after they sit there a while, they said they are walking perfectly. They call and tell me about the dream state that Max has come in.

“We sit small replicas of crystal skulls next to Max and they absorb his energy. There was one boy in San Antonio who had a little black skull with him that had been with Max’s energy. I told him to put this little skull in his pocket, that will help protect him. About a month later, this boy said he was randomly picked by a gang and beaten, and he was holding onto that little skull in his pocket the whole time. He said when he went to the hospital, he was in a coma and was not expected to live. His parents came running in, and the police took this little skull out of his hands and gave it to the parents and said, “This was in his hands.’

“The neurosurgeons came in, held up his MRIs and said, ‘Well, the good news is that your son is going to live.’ They pointed at the MRI and said, ‘Can you tell us what this other skull is over there on his shoulder?’

“When they looked, it freaked them out, and they didn’t want to say, ‘Well, he had a little crystal skull in his pocket.’ They just said, ‘I don’t know, probably a double image.’

“The doctor said, ‘No, you don’t get the double image like this. This is a totally different skull.’ It was Max’s image!”

Mrs. Parks said Max is like a computer.

“He holds energy, he picks up energy and sound occurring around him, and then he programs it there for people to be able to tap into and extract whatever they need,” she said. “Maybe some of the stuff is information that has come from the ancient past, because I believe the crystal is used in all of our old and modern technologies.”

She advised people who schedule private sessions to just come to Max with an open mind, with a willingness to learn.

“They get to touch Max,” she said. “If they put their forehead to him too long, there is a big red spot there. He just kind of burns the energy right into the forehead. Just allow your mind to be clear. Some people say they hear a tap on the door, after 30 minutes, and they’ll say, ‘I couldn’t have been here more than five minutes.’ And they’ll tell me different scenes and different things of past lives. They’ll say some of their dead relatives have come to them.

Mrs. Parks said that just as humanity is changing, so too is Max.

“We’ve already noticed him changing,” she said. “He used to not give off these big picture images, but within the last year or two he started upping his energy and he’s giving off the energy pictures. That was not always there, and I’ve never seen another piece of crystal do this.

“A lot of times when people sit down with Max, they said they feel a connection to him, that he feels like an old friend, and that he says, ‘Hello, where have you been so long?’ So, they feel a connection, not only to the crystal, but back to their own selves. And that’s who I think Max represents: the Self, and everything that’s within Self.”

Max, one of the ancient crystal skulls, will be in Maple Grove, MN, his first visit in the Upper Midwest. Public lecture by Max’s caretaker, JoAnn Parks, at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, at the Cambria Suites Hotel, Maple Grove, $25. For more information or to schedule a private session with Max, contact Sheryl or Dale Fisher at 763.420.9017 or 763.443.4016.

For more information on Max the Crystal Skull, visit For a video, go to Write The Texas Crystal Skull, Attn: JoAnn Parks, P.O. Box 751261, Houston, TX 77275-1261, or call 713.991.4545.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. I met MAX in Salt lake city Utah. While sitting in the audience I had this massive voice in my head repeating the words Cranio Sacral Cranio sacral Cranio sacral. I knew what was happening and could only surrender to the voice as it was pounding my head. So when we were allowed to spend time with MAX, I informed the woman that stewarded over the skull that the skull wanted me to perform cranio sacral therapy on it. I do not think the woman really understood what I was saying, but she just said okey. I proceeded to perform a full session of cranio sacral therapy on MAX. I will say that MAX had the most massive and defined cranio rythem and patern I have ever experienced on a human being. I was going to bring this experience forward years ago but just didn’t. But here I Am today, telling you all. the skull is real and it has a life force. Call me write me we can talk about it.


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