Group links obesity to “soul wounds”


    Americans spend billions of dollars on weight loss programs, and yet national figures of increased obesity are soaring. Clearly, the solution for permanent fat loss has not yet been discovered by many Americans. The first step in finding freedom from excess body fat and obesity, reports a new group called Faith & Fat Loss, is discovering the root of the problem.

    Professor of nutrition and exercise physiology, Ron Williams, founder of Faith & Faith Loss and one of the world’s leading natural bodybuilders, says one of the primary “roots” is what he calls “soul wounds.”

    “A soul wound is a trauma to a person’s soul derived from a personal tragedy,” Williams says. “This could be belittlement, neglect, abandonment, verbal abuse or physical abuse, all of which potentially causes trauma to someone’s soul. Having a fat-loss program is only half the solution to achieve permanent fat loss and a balanced, healthy life. Combining faith and fat loss helps people break the terrible bonds of being overweight and the hurt and shame of traumas they have suffered.”

    Williams, in his recent book release, Faith & Fat Loss, explores vital, life-giving principles that he claims readers must know and apply before permanent fat loss can be attained. The book examines life soul wounds as the most powerful strongholds preventing freedom from permanent fat loss and a balanced, healthy life, and it introduces Williams’ “21-Day Jump Start,” which cleanses a person’s body with diet, exercise, prayer and Bible memory to help people win the battle against permanent fat loss.

    Williams has won more than 250 titles in the natural bodybuilding and holds seven Mr. Natural Universe titles, seven Natural Olympia titles and seven Natural World titles. He holds the 2008 Natural World title and in October 2008 was inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s Hall of Fame. Williams also pastors Back to the Foundation Church. For more information, visit

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