The Reluctant Guru


    Seven years ago I spent a week at a meditation center in the mountains of North Carolina. While walking around the center, I was drawn to a specific flyer announcing that enlightened teacher, Dave Oshana, would be coming to the area. The energy jumped off the flyer and I received this very strong intuitive feeling that I have to meet this guy. It proved more difficult than I thought.

    The flyer was old and Dave had already returned home to London. I also had a hard time getting through because he receives a plethora of emails daily. After many attempts, I let him know that I was serious by writing in the subject line: “If you will see me, I’ll be there.” Dave responded and agreed to meet with me if I was willing to come to London.

    After a long and expensive flight, my first thought when I met Dave was, “I’m a fool for traveling this far to meet someone simply because my intuition said to go. He’s just a regular guy like me, but with a cockney accent.” My second thought was, “Wow, I must be having severe jet lag because I can’t think of a single question of the thirty that I wanted to throw at an enlightened master.” After four hours, I was so thoroughly in the “no mind” state that I had simply nothing to say. As Dave left he suggested that I visit Hyde Park the next morning and connect with nature.

    As I sat on the park bench the next morning, it occurred to me that the world had changed overnight: the color of the grass was so vibrant and alive. The quadraphonic sound of the dog walking on the crushed gravel was mesmerizing. The mother and child giggling on the next bench were as beautiful as anything I have ever seen. My heart was full and all I could feel was overwhelming gratitude.

    Is this how enlightened people walk through this world? Is this how they “see” life? If so, then every moment is indeed a miracle. No wonder Eckhart Tolle sat content on a park bench for nearly two years.

    According to spiritual folklore, certain Zen masters possessed a rare gift called “Transmission.” This gift would manifest itself when students would sit with the Zen teacher. While sitting with the teacher, the student would resonate at the enlightened frequency of the teacher and thereby “see” through enlightened eyes – and experience life accordingly.

    Soon after his enlightenment in 2000, Dave was initially reluctant to claim that he had any extraordinary gifts. Some seekers, however, began reporting that they were having powerful experiences in his presence. As a result, Dave has generously been sharing his gift ever since.

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    Michael Foley
    Michael Foley, MA, is a professional speaker, spiritual coach, and founder of Clarity Central ( based in Minneapolis. You can reach him at [email protected] or 612.210.7936.



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