Virgo: sensual, practical and self-sufficient


Virgo is most often symbolized by a woman holding an armful of grains, sometimes wheat, and sometimes corn; she is associated with the Corn Goddess, a fertility symbol. The last week of August and the first three weeks of September (the time the Sun passes through Virgo) are associated with the harvest, yet Virgo is often mistakenly associated with “the virgin,” or a type of barrenness or isolation.

moonrabbit2Virgo is an earth sign, grounded in the physical body – sensual, practical and very discriminating. In ancient mythology, virginity meant being “whole unto oneself” or not needing a partner or relationship to be whole. Virgos tend to have very high standards and are very self-sufficient, so they will often choose to remain single rather than being in a relationship that is not satisfying. Other than that characteristic, they are no more or less virginal than any other sign.

Attention and desire for perfection are very strong in Virgo. This can lead to people who do their jobs extremely well, with very little waste of time or inefficiency. This is a mutable sign, so there is a great deal of mental energy and focus on communication. Virgo can create high achievers, great artists and craftspeople and people who excel at everything they do. It can also lead to people who worry endlessly about tiny details no one else would ever notice – or struggle so hard to get one thing right while other things in life go undone.

The major life lesson of Virgos is to find a perspective that keeps the big picture in mind, and not sweat the small stuff. I read recently that Michael Jackson, a Virgo, would rehearse dance moves to the exasperation of everyone around him because he wanted to get it perfect. Virgos are highly critical of themselves and others, and can be very picky and difficult to please. This desire for perfection can make it difficult for them to accept others and in intimate relationships they can criticize their partners. This same desire can make them difficult taskmasters in a work setting, but usually the results are outstanding.

Work is extremely important to the Virgo individual, and when work goes well, all is well. The mind-body connection is very strong, and many people born under this sign are very health conscious. Virgo rules the digestive system in the body, and food allergies, digestive ailments and a sensitive stomach are very common. If a Virgo is unhappy in work, then these ailments are often symptoms of this deeper unhappiness.

These are the worker bees of the zodiac, the world’s best employee, the great personal trainer, the landscape artist. This sign enables people to harvest and use what they know to serve others.

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