A Wonderful Chain Reaction

My journey started over an e-mail asking if I would organize my high school reunion from several hundred miles away, with two other classmates. I had joined Facebook maybe three months before that, and honestly didn’t know how to use it, or how to contact people. I was, and still am, on the business networking site, Linked-In, but I realized how important it is to spread your business name around in different menus. So why not use Facebook also to promote my coaching business and express my views?

soulful_networkingI put my bio up, and within two weeks had more than 30 classmates contacting me to know about my Life Coaching business and to learn when this famous reunion was going to happen. As time marched on, so did my interest in contacting other people with whom I had lost touch. I decided to seek out people I admired, and those whom I had not heard from in years. I was successful on many counts.

Now comes the wonderful chain reaction that we call social networking on the web! I joined Cheryl Richardson’s Facebook page and wrote a reply to one of her comments. Cheryl is a notable Life Coach who has written many books. I even led a five-year workshop based on one of her books. Someone read my reply, and since I mentioned I was on Linked-In and Facebook, she decided to contact me.

From those few words came a request to meet up with me and discuss speaking at an event this woman was organizing. Lucky for both of us, we lived within traveling distance from each other, so we could talk face to face, and we embraced the magic of using Linked-In and Facebook. Happy to say, I spoke at her event, and through word of mouth we have since introduced each other to many other professionals.

It is truly a small world, filled now with wonderful opportunities to reach out to each other – safely, trusting your instincts, and most of all having fun.



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