Alchemy – Turning Fear into Love


    “Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result.” – Archangel Metatron

    Last month, we explored the first aspect of Alchemy, “Changing the frequency of thought,” noting that alchemy is a way of life, not just the application of “magic.” Let’s now look at the second part of Archangel Metatron’s definition of Alchemy.

    selfAltering the harmonics of matter is not complicated. To be successful, it is absolutely essential to understand and master the combined result of thought and emotion, as we have already explored in last month’s article. You must be able to observe without reacting, and allow your feelings to be at a higher vibration and have more fluidity.

    Thought forms are one small step removed from matter. Once dense enough, they materialize. If you are continuously holding negative thoughts of “Ain’t it awful,” they will become dense and soon drop into matter and show up in the world of form, many times as physical illness or emotional-mental imbalance. Therefore, changing those thought forms is the first step in altering the harmonics of matter.

    Changing the harmonics of matter requires changing the frequencies of thought. Start with that real ugly thought-form “I’m not okay” and simply let it begin to neutralize by not putting your attention and feelings into it. This is a huge step, particularly at this point of the Shift. Ask, “Where in my space do I hold the energy of ‘I’m not okay?'” noticing where the energy lies, then, draining it down the grounding cord will begin to change the harmonics of matter. You!

    Applying the Elements of Love
    According to Archangel Metatron, there are only three vibrations of love in 3-D. The entire Cosmos – of which our universe is one tiny part – is composed of the frequencies of love, but here in the third dimension we use only three small frequencies out of that huge array:

    • The first frequency of love is the love you feel for your partner or your child. There’s nothing else like it on this plane. This vibration of love is a very fixed emotion.
    • The second frequency is agape, or platonic love. It’s the kind of love you feel toward your best friend. You would do anything for that person. It’s not intimate and not conditional. This is a simple but important frequency.
    • The third frequency in 3-D is that of childlike wonderment and delight. It is the kind of love you feel when watching a child playing with a puppy. They’re in a grand state of total excitement, joy and laughter and you can enjoy that grand feeling right along with them. In that moment you experience your love for humanity.

    In the third dimension we have access to only those three vibrations. However, when we step into the fourth dimension we experience two more frequencies of love:

    • The first is the feeling you get when you see awe-inspiring beauty, such as the magnificent 25-foot waterfall in Yosemite National Park or witnessing the glory of a sunrise or sunset. There are many variations within that frequency of love.
    • The second frequency of love involves the majesty and grandeur you knew as a Being before you came into this third-dimensional human body and had to separate from your higher self.

    Part of the 3-D experiment was to experience yourself in the lower, denser frequencies so that when you return Home, the contrast would give you an even grander appreciation of all of the higher vibrations of love available. As you bumped around in 3-D and went deeper into fear and pain, you created a protective wall around your heart. You protected that grander part of yourself and hid your Internal Smile. By cutting yourself off from who you truly are, you lost your internal guidance system.

    As you play and practice with these three aspects of alchemy, you will create your desired result. You become aware of the way of life you used to live. You begin to trust and open your heart again. You become aware of that Internal Smile that resides within you. A huge awareness comes to you and you start to rediscover the connection with All That Is. You experience compassion, co-creation and cooperation. You begin to find alignment and your Internal Smile begins to take over your life. You begin to re-wire yourself and re-awaken. You reclaim that bigger, grander part of who you are.

    That’s where true magic of alchemy lies.

    Jim Self is returning to Twin-Cities October 12-18 for free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, “Creating the Personal Power Field.” For more information, visit or contact Carol at 763.843.0043.

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    Jim Self
    Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author. He has been a leader in the field of spiritual development for more than 27 years. He offers us the tools of Mastering Alchemy as a way of life. This work is co-created with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free webinars are available. Visit


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