Healing with Grace


John of God performs a healing.
John of God performs a healing.

If healing is a central aspect of your journey, you have probably employed a variety of methods, working hard to change whatever impedes your living life to the fullest. At some point, however, you might find that you can go no farther, climb no higher and that all you thought would heal you by now leaves you incomplete. For myself, I had to journey all the way to Brazil to finally realize the essence of true healing – grace, a space so surrendered that all you experienced as pain and struggle magically dissolves.

For the last fifteen years, I have engaged in a very conscious healing process. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis that left me full of pain and barely able to walk by age 30. I improved significantly over time, seeing healers and finding ways to reduce stress. But, the pain would return at times, keeping me from being all I wanted to be and do in life.

Over the last several years, I began to surrender to my condition, knowing that on a deeper level, something more profound than physical healing wanted to take place. As a spiritual psychologist and longtime meditator, I was blessed to possess the tools to work with my thoughts and emotions in a way that supported my physical healing. I peeled away layers of mistaken beliefs, e.g. “I am not good enough,” which shifted my feelings of inadequacy tenfold and helped me learn to truly accept myself. I actually became grateful for my physical pain, for it forced me to look inside. While I healed emotionally and spiritually, there continued to be a part of me that was discouraged with my lack of mastery over my health. All these years of inner work and I was still feeling unwell.

I surrender
Not knowing which direction to turn, I let go. My daily prayer became: “Please, God, help me heal myself on all levels. I don’t know what that looks like anymore. I surrender.”

After a few months, I met a man who had visited the world-renowned healer, “John of God,” or more humbly known as Medium João. I had heard of John of God over the years from friends and a special on ABC’s “Primetime,” which highlighted the miraculous healings that took place at his healing center in Brazil. The pilgrimage seemed like a huge expense, so I had put the idea aside until my new friend informed me that he would be going again and thought it would really help me. I agreed without a second thought and, once I did, the money showed up and the healing began.

Visitors wait in line to see John of God and the Entities.
Visitors wait in line to see John of God and the Entities.

The most important thing to understand about Medium João is that he is not doing the healing nor does he charge any fees. He channels Beings of Light, Spirits or “Entities,” and João states clearly that God does the healing, not him. João gives over his consciousness and incorporates the spirits of past doctors and saints, such as St. Ignatius de Loyola. These entities examine the waiting masses and conduct both visible and invisible operations. The mission of these compassionate ones is to assist humanity and they have been working through Medium João at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil for more than thirty years.

Millions of people have experienced profound healings of body, mind and spirit. Everyone receives healing who comes to the Casa but not everyone is cured, for healing happens on so many levels. Some have miraculous recoveries, but most people say that their healing is a process and they go back a few times to Brazil before feeling really good.

Once I made the decision to go to the Casa, I began to ask for support and felt these loving Beings in my meditations. I have done a great deal of energy work over the years, but never have I experienced anything so profound. The current was so strong that I could not even hold my head up! Yet, I was ready and open and set the clear intention to let the Light inside me, something I had never fully allowed. Each day I opened to a bit more to the energy so that I could I be more open once I arrived in Brazil. That practice helped, because once I was in front of Medium João, the Light was immensely strong.

Seekers in line
The process began on a Wednesday morning when I joined several hundred other seekers in line to receive healing. Time goes quickly as each person only sees Medium João – and the Entity he has incorporated that day – for only a few seconds to receive instructions for an intervention. As I stood before them, I felt an outpouring of love and light and a sacred presence of God. I was told to come back for a “spiritual surgery” that afternoon.

Later that day, I returned to the Casa and waited. Tears fell as I prayed for my pain to disappear. Since I had made so many attempts in the past to heal, I hoped this would be the final medicine.

The “surgery line” was called and I stood up with about forty others and we were led to a back room where meditative music was playing. We were told to sit still and close our eyes for about half an hour. I had expected John of God to enter the room and work on each one of us individually, but he was nowhere to be seen. The Entities were there, however, as I could see dancing lights and feel their presence working with my energies, both physically and spiritually. I felt more than relaxed, almost sedated as I received the surgery.

Then, Medium João entered the room and declared, “It is done,” and we were told to get up slowly. I felt very tired as we were led outside and given further instructions, mainly to go to bed for 24 hours, which was pretty easy to do.

The days following, I rested a lot. (The recommended stay is two weeks because, like having a physical surgery, you need to recover in a place of peace and quiet.) Following surgery, you can go back to the Casa and either go before John of God again or sit in the “Current Room” and receive the energy flowing from the Entities, which supports and furthers your healing process. Some days, I sat in that room for more than two hours in meditation.

Physical healing can manifest
While I had hoped my arthritis would disappear in Brazil, the pain actually increased. I needed assistance walking and eventually a wheelchair. I was told that sometimes, people get worse before improving and, depending on your karma and other factors, your healing may first require a change in belief, attitude or emotion before physical healing can manifest. For some, it’s the other way around so that one’s faith in the power of God can grow. Everyone has their own unique experience.

Lisa Venable, author of this article (center) with fellow pilgrims from Ireland.
Lisa Venable, author of this article (center) with fellow pilgrims from Ireland.

Since I did not receive an instant cure, I figured I had to work at keeping the faith and notice what had been healed. I felt that something deep within, a pain stronger than physical, had been lifted. I felt incredibly happy. My negative thoughts were absent. Despite the fact that I was having trouble walking and being carted around in a wheelchair, I believed all was well and felt utterly content. At dinner one night, I met a Russian woman who said she had M.S. and was in a wheelchair when she first came and now can walk with ease. I told her I hoped I would feel better and not worse after my surgery, and she simply said, “Give it time and keep the faith that you’ll improve. Let go.”

Since returning from Brazil, “letting go” seems like an understatement. I am amazed at the way I now relate to my body’s challenges. With each step, I continue to feel faith even though my pain has, at times, been tremendous. Instead of feeling like the process had failed, I trust timing and move through my pain in a whole new way. I wanted the instant miracle cure, because I was tired of trying to figure out how to heal myself. Now I feel at peace with where I am, versus trying so hard to get somewhere else!

The Entities continue to work on me when I ask, and each day I get better. What changed for me was indeed spiritual, for I no longer experience frustration about my condition – and life feels easier. My friends have commented that I have come back a different person – lighter and freer. When they call and inquire how I feel, I usually reply, “Really good,” even if I can’t walk that day!

I truly feel surrendered and in a state of pure grace – and yes, that feels good. And, feeling good, I believe, will create the physical healing I have always envisioned.

For more information on John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio, see www.friendsofthecasa.info. YouTube.com also has several documentaries.

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  1. Lisa

    I just feel that your day by day will be better Just Belive

    I was 2 weeks in la Casa and sitting in the current many hours, never felt more peace and light.

    I went to the Casa 2 years ago and the entities are still with me my life has improve magnifide


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